St. Louis Council of the Blind

St. Louis Council of the Blind is an organization dedicated to improving the social and economic welfare of visually impaired and blind residents in St. Louis and the surrounding area.  St. Louis Council of the Blind strives to improve specialized services promoting independence as well as creating accessible social opportunities for the blind and visually impaired community.

As an affiliate of Missouri Council of the Blind and a member of the American Council of the Blind our members receive monthly and quarterly newsletters and opportunities to attend informative meetings and annual conventions.

We invite residents and members of the business community who are interested in improving the lives in St. Louis to please join our efforts. Membership is open to all. Come meet with us and find out how you can join our campaign to improve the lives of the blind and visually impaired citizens in your community.

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Affiliate News

St. Louis Council :: June 2010

By Bill Benson, president

A big hi to all,

You may see the following information in The Lower Lefthand Drawer, but just to be sure you don’t miss it, here it is again: We have produced a 23 second PSA for radio that points up the fact that folks should remember when they see someone with a white cane or a guide dog, though they can see that person, that person _c_a_n_n_o_t see them! Since it is only 23 seconds long, the additional 7 seconds of a 30 second PSA can be used for identifying your affiliate. An example being: This reminder brought to you by the Capital City Council of the Blind. We are making this CD available free of charge to any affiliate who thinks they may be able to get it placed on a station in their local area. If your group would like one please contact Matt Kennisen, e-mail or call him at (314) 535-2722.

We’re also working on trying to get an official Governor’s proclamation establishing the third week in May as White Cane Week in Missouri.

We’re hoping to hold a technology fair some time in June at a senior citizens’ retirement center where we believe there are a number of people who could benefit from a lot of the assistive aids now available.

On top of all this we’re still having a lot of fun with our Make-out parties.

As you can see, we have a very active and a very happy group. Hope yours is as well.

St. Louis Council :: March 2010

by Bill Benson, President

Smiles and sunshine from our corner,

A few years back we decided that pre-Christmas time was so hectic and so busy that it would be easier to fit our party into the week between Christmas and New Year.  So it is that we have a Holiday party; and a great one it was, too, with some wonderful food and lots of fun.

Mary Hale not only recently got a guide dog, she also got a cochlear implant.  She was astounded at all the things she could hear.  She said she had no idea the refridgerator was so noisy!

In February we held our second “Make-out” party.  It is not only a good fund raiser, but a fun one, too.  The next one will be May 15th, and if you are in the st. Louis area, we would love to have you join us.  “Make-out” is a game we created to take the place of bingo.  It is played with alphabet cards, and the object of the game is to “make out” a word from the cards you are dealt.  It is a lot of fun, and the time just flies by.

And on that subject of time flying by, a couple more weeks and it will be Easter.  We wish you and yours a blessed one; and a pleasant spring.

St. Louis Council :: September 2009

by Bill Benson, President

Happy Fall to all,

I’d like to remind you that we have a few more of those neat MCB T-shirts left, and will be selling them in the craft room at the convention.  Sizes and colors are limited, so check them out before they’re all gone.

In August, Mary Hale went to get her first guide dog.  We are all anxious for her return, and are eager to meet her new partner.

Before she ever left, Sharon Armstrong went into the hospital for a knee replacement.  As of this writing, which is about ten days later, she is doing really well.  We know the recovery road is a rough, tough one, but we’re hoping you’ll see her up and about at the convention.

I hope you will mark November 14 on your calendar if you live in the St. Louis area.  We will be hosting a “Make-out Party” on that date at the MCB building.  Make-out is a brand new game that promises to be lots of fun.  You could win Steak&Shake or McDonald coupons; so come join us, and find out how to play.

Enjoy the cooler weather, and may the upcoming Thanksgiving be a time of warm reflections for you and your family.

St. Louis Council :: March 2009

By Bill Benson - President

Greetings to all,

We want to extend the warmest of welcomes to our newest members, Mary and Mike Hale.  They recently moved to St. Louis from Ohio, and we are both honored and grateful that they chose to be a part of our group.  We know they will both be big assets to our organization and the MCB.

We held our Holiday party on December 28th, and were very happy to have MCB President, Denny Huff, join us as a special guest.  Many of our members got to meet Denny for the first time.

Sadness inevitably finds its way into each of our lives at some time or other.  Such was the case when Bev Armstrong recently lost her mother.  The loss of a parent is one of the most difficult things with which life confronts us, and, Bev, you have our sincere sympathy and empathy.

We hope all are enjoying some warmer weather, and looking forward to a happy and glorious Easter.

St. Louis Council of the Blind :: September 2008

By Bill Benson, President

First of all we want to extend our congratulations to the nominees for this year’s Jim Henderson Member of the Year Award.  I refer you to the article elsewhere in this magazine to find out who is this year’s winner.

Our club extends a very warm welcome to our newest members, Donald Bowen and Matt Kenison.  It’s really nice to have you as a part of our group!

We have some really nice shirts for sale at the convention this year.  These are not T-shirts, but are very nice polo shirts for either men or women in your choice of red, yellow, tangerine, dark blue, light blue or white.  They are available in sizes small, medium, large and extra large, and sell for $20.00 each.  Above the pocket is written the words:  Missouri Council of the Blind.  They will be available in the Craft Room, but to ensure that you get the size and color you would like, it would be best to get your order in ahead of time by calling (314) 863-6353.

See you in October.

St. Louis Council of the Blind :: March 2008

By Jo-An Benson

Every time we scheduled our Christmas party the weather forced us to reschedule. At the time of this writing it is scheduled for February 17. This will be our third attempt, and, hopefully, the weather will cooperate this time.

We are excited about an upcoming project: On April 20 we will be hosting a "dining in the dark" event. Some of you may remember reading a recent Chronicle article about such dining experiences in Los Angeles, New York and in Europe. Diners are blind folded and lead into a totally dark dining room. Their food is served to them by blind servers. Such events have proven to be very successful elsewhere, so wish us luck in April.

Some of our hardest working members are the Armstrongs. Our club is very thankful to have them, and our members unanimously voted to establish an on-going monetary assistance program named the "Double A" Program. (Double A standing for Armstrong Assistance.) We wanted to both provide some needed help as well as honor our dedicated and hard working members.

Here's wishing you a blessed Easter season.