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St. Charles County Council of the blind :: December 2017

By Marjorie Petrofsky

Hello, I hope everybody had a nice summer and to all of my fellow Jewish members, I hope you had a Happy New Year.
Our September meeting was informative and full of ideas.
We were introduced to our newest member who happens to have four legs.
He is Denny Huff’s new guide and friend, named Sounder.
The only problem is he won't let me pet him yet, which I understand.
Of course, and everybody who knows me knows I did it anyway.
I told Sounder not to tell anybody but I guess now the cat or dog is out of the bag.

Our social outing for the month was a trip to the winery in Defiance Missouri.
I was told the scenery was breathtakingly beautiful, with the vineyards and greenery.
We had lunch, talked and of course tasted a variety of wine.
The blind and visually impaired people had a wonderful time.
The drivers had an okay time too.

The October meeting was mostly a discussion about fundraisers and the Christmas party, I can hardly believe it’s that time of year again.
Our October social outing was also a fundraiser at Texas Roadhouse, on Mexico Road in O'Fallon, Missouri.
The restaurant is giving 10% of the profits from everyone who ordered dinner and showed them the handout.
It was a fun evening of good conversation, great food and we also made a little money.
I would like to wish everybody a happy and healthy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, happy Hanukah, Chronicah, Kwanza Happy New Year and a very generic Happy Holidays!

St. Charles County Council of the Blind :: September 2017

By Beverly Kaskadden

The St. Charles County Council of the Blind is excited to tell you about our new members.
We have had three new members since May.
The first is a previous member that has come back to join us.
I guess she really missed us.
Many of you might remember Lynne Smith from Wright City.
At least that is where she originally lived.
Now she has moved in closer to our meeting location in St. Peters.
Lynne now resides in Wentzville.
She is anxious to get involved again.
Lynne brought with her a friend from St. Peters.
Welcome to Claire Meinert.
Claire is a delight and we are very fortunate to have her join SCCCB.
Then there is Johanna Jeremiah.
I have to smile when I think of Johanna.
She is originally from Canada.
I picked up the accent right away.
Johanna is a “breath of fresh air”, and full of energy.
I can’t wait for everyone to get to know these new MCB members. We are such a social group.
We usually do not have a business meeting in June, since that is when the Duchesne High School Key Club hosts our Installation dinner, but that took place in April.
We do not like such a long period before getting together, so we had a business meeting at the home of Lynne Smith.
In July we had our annual barbeque at my home.
Our members and guest are growing, so I was so glad I had the space.
The weather cooperated so some of us could sit on the deck.
In August, we will be gathering on the Missouri Riverfront for dinner and an outdoor concert.
We take every opportunity to have a little fun then get back to work with the Council business. It will be time for the convention, so I hope to see many of you then.

St. Charles County Council of the Blind :: June 2017

By Beverly Kaskadden

St. Charles County Council of the Blind is alive and well.  Even though we have lost a couple members, we also gained two new members.  Actually, one of the members was an active member several years ago, and has returned.  Some might remember Lynne Smith.  We celebrate her return to St. Charles Council.  Lynne brought her friend, Claire Meinert.  We are so pleased to add Lynne and Claire to our membership.

I do regret to mention that we will be losing a member to the State of Texas.  Brianne Disney will be moving soon, and we will miss her terribly.  Our loss is Texas’ gain!  Good luck to you Brianne.

I also want to report on our honored member, Edna Freeman.  Edna means so very much to me.  She invited me to a meeting 20 some years ago, and I have been hooked ever since.  Edna is now living in St. Peters at the Chestnut Glen.  Her son told me she would love to get phone calls from her friends.  Her cell number is 636-487-7722

Our President set up a call in conference number for any members who cannot attend the meetings.  It has been valuable for those who cannot get out.  Well, guess who could not get out on May 1st?  Yes, our President could not get through all the flooded roads.  He managed to conduct the meeting through the phone lines.  Other affiliates might think about setting up a phone line to include home bound members. 

Usually the St. Charles Duchesne High School Key Club host our annual Installation dinner in June.  This year they asked if we could have it in April.  That works great for us, because we have our elections at the April meeting.  We were honored to have Chris and Marvelena Gray in attendance along with their driver, Liz.  We also had Sherry and Mike Keller along with Mike’s son, Tim and his lovely wife Donna.  Mike conducted an awesome performance while installing the new officers.  Affiliates might want to consider asking Mike to do the honor of installing their officers.  We are all bound to an oath!  Mike is quite the entertainer too.  Thank you so much Mike.

We will have more to report in the fall.

Take care.

St. Charles County Council :: March 2017

By Beverly Kaskadden

In my last report I mentioned a possible new member for St. Charles Council.  I am so pleased to announce Kim Reece as a member of St. Charles Council.  We are so blessed to have Carol Baker and Kim as our recent new members.  They jump right in to participate in the activities of the Council. Since we started our once a month social outing, we have had rave reviews.  In January we went to a Japanese restaurant in St. Peters.  Our member fellowship is always delightful, but this time we also had entertainment and a scrumptious meal.  Our chef was a gentleman from Thailand named Paul.  Our Japanese waitress was named Nancy.  I was expecting Japanese names, so I can’t help but smile when I was told their names.  Paul juggled 10 eggs with the knives.  At least he said he did.  I had to take his word for it.  He did say we were easy to entertain. We have Allan to thank for the recommendation for Kyoto’s in St. Peters.  All of us can highly recommend this restaurant.  You never know what we are going to come up with each month.  Yes, we still have business meetings.  They are never boring either.  Stay warm.

St. Charles County Council of the Blind :: December 2016


By the time the Chronicle is distributed, my next statement may sound out of place.  I love this weather!  I am sitting outside writing this report, and that does not happen too often this time of year.  I did sweep off the deck before I started, but leaves are falling all around me.  There is so much yard work to do this time of year, but I love it.

Now as far as what is new with St. Charles Council, we have big news!  We have a new member, and possibly another new member next meeting.  We would like to welcome Carol Baker from Warrenton.  She has already jumped in to work on the Social committee.  I will inform you of the other possible new member after the next meeting.

Speaking of our Social outings, it was arranged for a dinner and an evening of playing trivia at an establishment in O’Fallon.  Eight attended from SCCCB, and guess who won 1st place?  That was an accomplishment since some of the questions were difficult to understand what was announced, but we did it!  Now we have to go back to use our prize of a gift card.  Thank you to Carol and Jody for setting that up.  You never know what they are going to come up with for our outings…how about horseback riding?

Several of our members attended the annual State convention, which is always informative.  I was so pleased to hear one of our member’s remark, “I learned a lot from attending the meeting”.

It is back to business at the November meeting, and planning the Christmas activities.  I pray that everyone has blessed holidays.

St. Charles County Council :: September 2016

By Beverly Kaskadden

Greetings from St. Charles.  We have not had a business meeting since May, but we still have been active. The Installation dinner that the Duchesne High School Key Club hosts took place at the end of May. As always, the Key club members prepared a lovely dinner for the setting of installing our new officers. The officers are, Denny Huff, President; Steve Baker, First Vice President; Victor Rodriguez, Second Vice President; Brianne Disney, Secretary; and Beverly Kaskadden, Treasurer.

In July, we were very concerned about our barbeque since it was extremely hot to be outside, but thank heavens my home had enough room for everyone to eat in comfort. Our members just love getting together, and the scrumptious food is just a plus.

Our monthly meetings will resume in August. It is time to settle down and make preparations for convention and increasing our membership. Besides a business meeting at the September meeting, we hold another pot luck. This might be the method of impressing new members!

The next affiliate report will report on the membership drive. I hope we will be able to report that we have at least one new member. How about a new member each month?

I look forward to seeing many of you at Cobblestone and then again at the State convention.

Take care.

St. Charles County Council of the Blind :: June 2016

By Beverly Kaskadden

I am so excited to write this report for the Chronicle. I am so proud of St. Charles County Council of the Blind. We pulled off a community service project. It was so nice to be serving instead of asking for support with fundraising. We had 12 exhibitors collaborate with us in hosting a public forum. It was held at a local library. I wanted to get as many vendors and agencies concerning vision loss and low vision in one location as possible. It really concerns me that so many individuals in this position do not know of all the help that they can acquire. Even with a low turnout of the public, I believe that if we could help one person, it was all worth it. I believe we can grow with this effort and make this community outreach a reoccurring event. Just as fundraisers are needed, so are our service projects. Thank you to everyone who helped with this project.

We held our elections in April, and the results are as follows:

President is Denny Huff, (do you think he is qualified for this position? (Smile). Steve Baker is 1st Vice-President.  Victor Rodriguez is 2nd Vice-President.  Brianne Disney is Secretary.  Beverly Kaskadden is Treasurer.  Plans are being made for our annual Installation dinner hosted by the St. Charles Duchesne High School Key Club. I will report on the outcome of this festive event in the next Chronicle issue.  Have a wonderful and safe summer.

St. Charles County :: December 2015

By Beverly Kaskadden

An Autumn greeting is going out from St. Charles County. Time is flying, as are the leaves, especially in my neighborhood. I clean off my deck, and before I get back in the house, there are more leaves! It is endless this time of year. I love it though. As I rake and sweep, I ask myself, why don’t I just get out the leaf blower!

St. Charles Council members have been very busy and very productive. We just completed a fund raiser that brought in $2600. Our goal was to get public awareness out to the community, raise funds, and have fun. We accomplished all of our goals. A few days after that, we headed to KC for the convention. The following week, we toured a cemetery on a hay rack as a social outing for our members. Then, three days later, we were invited to the Riverfront of St. Charles for a Pioneer Harvest. We participated in the preparation of a meal as the pioneers did in the 1700’s. It was all done over a wood fire and included churning butter. Good thing we had all day! Our ancestors were very hard workers.

I want to send out a big congratulations to the Northern Lights for organizing a new affiliate in North St. Louis County. It was bitter sweet for me. When approved, we lost six tremendous members. Thanks a lot Steve! Big smile. I understand, really I do, but I sure miss you! Now I am working on a membership drive. Hopefully by the next affiliate report, I can report that we have grown in members. How about a member challenge to the other affiliates across the State? Oh boy, what have I gotten myself into? Sending out joyous holiday blessings, and more to report next year.

St. Charles County Council :: June 2015

by Beverly Kaskadden

Spring has sprung in St. Charles! Can you believe it! Spring is finally here. Even though the winter was relatively mild, I believe everyone was so done with winter this year. I must admit, I did something I have never done before…I took an indoor plant outside prematurely, and it is still in shock! We will see how tough it really is. St. Charles Council is busy making plans for a Trivia night fund raiser in September. These events not only bring in funds so we can accomplish our goals, but they are also fun when the night arrives.

I have been very concerned about membership. Our numbers are down, but we acquired two new members. Welcome to Rob Sifford and Ron Marriott. We created a new position within SCCCB. I have appointed Spencer Teghtmeyer as our Social Director. Spencer has been working hard to find areas of interest for our members. The first month was an organizational gathering to test the waters. We wanted to find out what day and time worked best for those interested. We met at a local library and played trivia. The next month Spencer arranged for a tour of the First Capital in St. Charles. The tour guides did a wonderful job describing for us. After the tour we met for lunch at a restaurant on the river front. Everyone had a wonderful time. Now the next outing is drawing a bigger crowd. We have arranged a Sunday afternoon at a winery in Augusta with live music. What a beautiful setting in the rolling hills of Missouri.

The annual banquet for the installation of new officers is coming up, so I will give you all the scoop in the next issue.

St. Charles County Council of the Blind :: March 2014

By Beverly Kaskadden

Hello to our friends across Missouri, Brrrrr. I hope everyone is staying warm. I will be so glad to greet spring.

St. Charles Council had to cancel our January meeting due to weather, and now the weather experts are calling for ice and freezing rain for this weekend. Hopefully we will get our February meeting underway on Monday.

There is not too much to report since the December issue, other than our Christmas event. Not only did we provide a festive evening with good food, heart-warming music, and lively games, we were able to provide gift cards to four families in our community who have a blind member. We are blessed to have the funds to help others in our community.

We have a physical fitness group who meet to walk at Mid Rivers Mall, and go bowling. In April we will have elections, and I will report on the outcome in the next Chronicle.

Our main focus this year will be on gaining new members and educating the public on “Abilities Awareness”. I will keep you informed on that development.

Until then, stay warm, and remember spring may be showing signs by the time this issue is published.

St. Charles County Council of the Blind :: September 2013

By Beverly Kaskadden

The St. Charles County Council of the Blind was very busy the past spring. We hosted our third Trivia Night fund raiser. Not only is this a great way to raise funds, but it is also a great way of getting publicity. Yes, it is a lot of work, but it is also a lot of fun the night of the event, and a relief when it is over! I would encourage other affiliates to consider putting together such an event. It takes several members to participate in the involvement of such an event. If you have numerous volunteers, it does not put too much burden on the coordinators. Any member of SCCCB would be willing to help anyone who would like advice on such an event.

In June, we were blessed to have the St. Charles Duchesne Key Club host our Installation dinner. We were honored to have Chris and Marvelena Gray as our guests. Chris did a beautiful presentation of the SCCCB officers. SCCCB takes the month of July off from our official business meeting, but we will be back to work in August. I hope to see many other MCB members at the State Convention in October.

St. Charles County Council of the Blind :: December 2012

By Beverly Kaskadden, First Vice President

The St. Charles County Council of the Blind would like to send our holiday greetings to all our friends across the State.

Our fall season has been active, and our upcoming winter will be focused on increasing our membership.  What better time to encourage membership growth than when we have so much excitement in our future.

We are pleased to welcome a new member and many of you may recognize her name.  We are so glad to have Brenda Gebhardt back on our membership roll.  We are not going to let Brenda stray again!

SCCCB, along with the Harvester Lions Club, hosted our first White Cane Awareness Walk.  We were motivated by the Springfield Service Club in this endeavor.  We were surprised on the lack of knowledge from the general public on the White Cane Law. If we do not get the information out, who will?  I would encourage other affiliates to do something similar in educating the public on the White Cane law.

Our affiliate has sponsored a peer group conference call for our members for over a year now, but recently opened it up to anyone who would like to join us.  We have had some interesting discussions.

On November 18th, Sunday evening at 7:00 p.m., the topic will be “Breaking Barriers through Employment.”  Oh, I just realized that this will be old news by the time the Chronicle is published.  I can give out the conference call number and the pin number if anyone wants to join us in the future.  We are trying to meet the third Sunday of each month.  The number is 218-237-3840 and the pin number is 140149.  The topics will be posted on the MCB list serve.

Keeping with the season, I guess I have been windy enough…just wait until the March winds arrive!  I do hope everyone will have warm and heart filled holidays.

St. Charles County Council :: September 2012

By Beverly Kaskadden

A big hot and dry summer hello from St. Charles County. My granddaughter always wants to help me put water in the bird bath, because she says the “birdies are crying”. Will someone please do a rain dance!

Since the last issue of the Chronicle, St. Charles County Council has had our annual Installation dinner sponsored by the Duchesne High School Key Club. Our new executive board members are President, Steve Schnelle, 1st Vice President, Beverly Kaskadden, 2nd Vice President, Aaron Lane, Treasurer, Denny Huff, Secretary, Veva Walbracht, and Member at Large, Margie Petroski. We were honored to have Chris Gray in attendance to perform the installation ceremony.

Summer is picnic time and we always have a picnic in July instead of a meeting. We would like to thank David White for hosting this event at his parent’s home in O’Fallon.

We will get back to Council business in August with a new Board, new ideas, and new plans for the upcoming year. We are working on our first “White Cane Awareness Walk,” scheduled for October 14th at the Harvester Lions Club in St. Peters. I will report on the outcome of this event in the next Chronicle issue.

Catch up with everyone in the December issue. Maybe by then we will have rain.

St. Charles County Council of the Blind :: June 2012

Our new President is the spectacular Steve Schnelle; new second Vice President is the Amazing Aaron Lane and the new treasurer is the Delightful Denny Huff. We are looking forward to our installation dinner which is held on Saturday June 2, 2012. The Duschesne High School Key Club will make our dinner and this is always a great time had by all every year.

We are looking forward to our annual BBQ in July and then back to our regular business meetings in August. We are in the early stages of planning a white cane walk for October. More details on this as it develops. Have a cool summer.

St. Charles County Council of the Blind :: March 2012

By Anne Murphy, Vice President

The SCCB Christmas Party was a festive time had by all. The food was great! Members and their guests were accompanied by Steve Schnelle and his band Tin Buck To. Aaron Lane also contributed to the musical enjoyment with his singing talent. They all sing great!

We are proud to announce that our member, Carolyn Kemper, has won the Member-of-the Month award from the MCB Membership Committee. We all know how much Carolyn does to help our organization and some things we do not know due to her humble personality. Her husband, Jack, is right alongside of her and we appreciate all they do. Your nice personality goes a long way with your constant giving to our organization and we could not do it all without you. Thank you Carolyn! See you next time! Stay Safe and happy.

St. Charles County Council of the Blind :: December 2011

By Anne Murphy, First Vice President

At this year’s annual MCB Convention in Joplin, Anne Murphy, 1st VP, filled in for our wonderful president Julie Chinn. Julie was unable to attend at the last minute due to illness. She is better now and will be continuing her dedication and hard work with SCCB.

Affiliate members who attended were the Jovial Jim Murphy; the Vivacious Veva Wolbrecht; the Remarkable Randy Wolbrecht; the Stupendous Steve Schnelle; the beautiful Flower Lady Beverly Kaskadden; and our Delightful Denny Huff MCB president. We were also joined by the Smart and Sensational Sam Murphy who served as our 8 year old mascot. He had a great time at youth services and said he wants to go to “Jefferson next year” for the party again. He wanted to know if they have a party like that every Saturday for kids in Joplin and if so he is going! Thanks to Linda Gerken from Blind of Central Missouri, Chairperson for Youth Services, who organized this!

St. Charles County Council of the Blind won the Membership drive which ran from May 1, 2011 to August 31, 2011 since we had six new members. We will receive $300.00 from MCB for this drive. Much thanks goes to our dedicated President Julie Chinn for making this happen.

Stay safe and warm this winter. See you next time!

St. Charles County Council Affiliate :: September 2011

Anne Murphy, Vice President

Wow! Where did the time go? Our Trivia Night held on May 21st produced $6000 for our affiliate. A huge thank you goes to Julie Chinn, President, Carolyn Kemper and her husband as well as David White who worked hard on getting donations and people to attend. Our Installation dinner was great fun with Dave Andrews from the Blind Lutheran Mission giving an inspiring talk as well as Edna Freeman, a longtime member giving a history of the SCCCB. The dinner was delicious prepared by the Duchesne Key Club. An award was given to Carolyn Kemper for member of the year and a special recognition award was given to David White for his hard work in getting a multitude of donations for the Trivia Night.

It was a long hot summer with the annual BBQ held at the parents of David White’s with great food and wonderful company. Thanks goes to David’s parents for letting us use their nice home.

We are back to our monthly business meetings at the Delta Center on the first Monday of each month. We are looking forward to the upcoming convention and conversing with the other affiliates.

We still have cookbooks available at $12.00 a donation. This book is packed full of delicious recipes from our members as well as other MCB and ACB members. In addition we have recipes from the mayor of St. Charles, Jay Nixon, the Obama’s and John McCain. It is a nice book with nice card stock and nicely laminated so as easy to get wiped down when cooking. To order a cookbook please contact me at 314-434-4051 or at

See YOU Next time. Anne

St. Charles County Council of the Blind :: June 2011

By Anne Murphy, Vice President

We are excited to announce our new President Julie Chinn. Julie has shown an extremely high level of devotion to the SCCCB and we are proud to have her as our new President. I was voted in as the First Vice President. Steve Baker is our new Second Vice President. Veva Wolbrecht is our new Secretary. Naomi Soule is our new Member at Large. Beverly Kaskadden continues in her important position as treasurer until April 2012. We are excited for the new officers to get busy in their jobs and to make SCCCB the best affiliate.

We are mainly focusing on our Trivia Night fundraiser on Saturday May 21st at the Elks Lodge in O’Fallon. Our 2009 Trivia Night was a huge success and we are expecting to have an even greater turn out this year.

We have developed a Resource Sheet of organizations serving the blind and visually impaired because we are committed to getting the word out about MCB as well as the SCCCB. As one of our most respected members, Bill Sass, has stated “MCB and SCCCB is the best known secret around when it comes to blind and visually impaired persons.” We are working on developing a true focus on specifically helping blind and visually impaired individuals. More importantly we are working on formulating a specific mission and goal for the SCCCB.

Our Installation Dinner will be in June hosted by the Key Club from Duchesne High school.

We will have our annual BBQ hosted by David White’s parents on Saturday July 30.

Our next business meeting is August 1, 2011 at the Delta Center for Independent Living at 7:00 p.m.

We still have cookbooks available at $12.00 a donation. This book is packed full of delicious recipes from our members as well as other MCB and ACB members.

In addition, we have recipes from the mayor of St. Charles , Jay Nixon, the Obama’s and John McCain. It is a nice book with nice card stock and nicely laminated so as easy to get wiped down when cooking. To order a cookbook please contact me at 314-434-4051 or at

Have a fun and cool summer. See you next time!

St. Charles County Council :: June 2010

By Steve Schnelle, Vice-President

Our installment dinner is happening this month, and new board members are being installed as you read this update. But May I go back to April when they were voted in by the members, and let you all know who the new faces are. The new president of St. Charles County Council of the Blind is John Hersberg; the second vice president is now Julie Chinn; and the new member at large is Margie Patrofsky. Bev Kaskadden has graciously offered to continue as treasurer. The secretary is Ann Murphy, and their still stuck with me, Steve Schnelle, as the vice president.

We have planned to sell our gently used items at a flee market in Wentzville as the fund raiser for this season, and I’ll let you know how this went in the September Chronicle.

If there is anything I can impart to other affiliates it would be to get involved and have fun. It’s contagious and our affiliate is finding this out. There is much more dialog between members these days and more opinions and suggestions are being shared. Responsibilities such as bringing refreshments to meetings are being shared among members, and we have even had volunteers form a committee to investigate where our services are most needed within St. Charles County.

Hoping to see you all at summer camp or at the state convention.

St. Charles County Council of the Blind :: March 2010

By Steve Schnelle, First Vice President

By the time you are reading this update, most of this winter will be passed, Daylight savings time will be here and we will be on our way to spring.  My wife usually tells me to shut up when I tell her that summer's just around the corner when it's still February.  Nevertheless, this winter was a time for St. Charles County Council to regroup, count our blessings and enjoy the positive direction St. Charles Council has taken.  We were fortunate to be able to assist a family in need for Christmas which, especially in these tough times, is so important.  We were also able to come together as a council for a Christmas party and dinner, taking advantage of the time when we didn't have to conduct business and could just let our hair down and joke around.  We even had a little band that played country music and all of our favorite Christmas songs.  Special thanks should go out to all who made this gathering a success including the ones who worked so hard in rounding up the Christmas gift donations for the party. 

As 2010 rolls around we are already putting our heads together for the next fundraiser planned for this spring.  The cook books are selling briskly, but still available for sale for $12 if anyone wants to stun their friends and loved ones with recipes from famous and not so famous contributors.  You can call me if you'd like at 314-440-0902 for orders or contact the MCB office at 314-832-7172 to be directed to our sales department.  Operators are standing by.

In April, we will be electing a number of new officers and have started the process of planning our installment dinner in June. 

I would like to extend a warm welcome aboard to any new MCB affiliates, and look forward to an update from them and great success to all affiliates of MCB.

That's about all for now. Everyone take care and as Jerry Springer says, "be good to yourselves and each other."

St. Charles County Council of the Blind :: December 2009

By Steve Schnelle, Vice President

Well, I hope that when this finds you we will all have dried out from the wettest October ever.

We have been busy little bees over the summer planning a couple of fund raisers.  I have to crow a little bit and tell you that we've really got some movers and shakers in our affiliate.  We had one committee working on our trivia night while another committee was working on our cook book endeavor.  My heart sends thanks to all of you who bought cook books at the convention.  We sold twenty six at the craft room so I'm hoping to sample a lot of new receipts brought to next year's convention in Jeff City.  The trivia night has also been a great fund raiser but requires a ton of work.  It all paid off though, in loads of fun and a substantial gain in revenue for St. Charles Council.

We have acquired a few new members over the past year and these members have really taken the bull by the horns and made St. Charles Council an exciting affiliate to be a part of.  We have started to have some of our meetings in a restaurant interspersed with some at the senior center which is stimulating more camaraderie and social dialog instead of just the old meeting conversation.

We are currently planning our Christmas party and searching for low income families with a blind child for our Santa's Helpers program. There's something about being able to make a family's Christmas brighter, particularly in these tough times that makes us all realize how fortunate we are.

I hope you all had a great Thanks Giving and have a very merry Christmas and a happy New-year.

St. Charles County Council :: September 2009

by Aaron Lane, SCCCB President


We at St. Charles County Council of the Blind, have been very busy this year.  We are working on a Cookbook fundraiser, and also planning a Trivia night as well.

Several of our members were able to attend the MCB summer camp.  I hope they had a great time.

Last month John Herzberg had a BBQ , which we always appreciate.  Unfortunately I was unable to attend, but I'm sure it was a good time.

The SCCCB has also grown in membership quite a bit this year.

It’s been an exciting and busy year so far.  I hope everyone else is doing well, and we will see you at the MCB convention.

St. Charles Council :: December 2008

By Aaron Lane

There’s been a lot of excitement lately in the St Charles chapter.  We’ve welcomed several new members in the last few months, and we had a convention to plan and carry out.  I think the convention turned out great. Even though it was a lot of work, the SCCCB appreciated the opportunity to host MCB members from all over the state for this year’s convention.  I want to thank all those who helped with the planning, both in the St Charles county chapter, and those from other affiliates.  Also, we would like to congratulate all the new MCB officers, and thank those outgoing officers for their service to the MCB.

Aaron Lane

St. Charles Council of the Blind :: December 2007

By Beverly Kaskadden

Excitement is brewing in St. Charles. Plans are underway to host the 2008 MCB convention at the St. Peters Holiday Inn. Joplin will be a hard act to follow. What a lovely banquet, and the hosts were incredible.

St. Charles Council always has a pot luck in the month of September. Our members enjoyed it so much, that a motion was made to have another pot luck in November. This sure sounds like a good idea to start out a business meeting. Come to think of it, we will also have a Christmas dinner for December. No wonder our membership is growing!

SCCCB will be adopting three needy families for Christmas. We always look for a family who has one member who is blind or legally blind. Santa Claus always shows up with gifts for the children. Even though we need to count our blessings every day, even the Scroogiest of Scrooges smiles and is thankful this time of year.

St. Charles Council would like to thank those who bought candy bars during the convention. Our fund raisers help tremendously to assist in our giving during the holidays.