RITE for the Blind

RITE for the Blind is an organization dedicated to improving the social and economic welfare of visually impaired and blind residents in St. Louis and the surrounding area.  RITE for the Blind strives to improve specialized services promoting independence as well as creating accessible social opportunities for the blind and visually impaired community.

As an affiliate of Missouri Council of the Blind and a member of the American Council of the Blind our members receive monthly and quarterly newsletters and opportunities to attend informative meetings and annual conventions.

We invite residents and members of the business community who are interested in improving the lives in St. Louis to please join our efforts. Membership is open to all. Come meet with us and find out how you can join our campaign to improve the lives of the blind and visually impaired citizens in your community.

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Affiliate News

RITE for the Blind :: September 2017

By Ray Miles

Top of the morning to all of you from the rite affiliate in the south of St. Louis. We now have a new bylaws document thanks to Angelo T. and Jeff S., and a special thanks to Lee Ann S. and of course Jeff’s Dad too. We also went to Fitz’s restaurant for lunch. They have great ice cream and the most stupendous root beer float I have ever almost seen. Kudos to Larry and Rose L. for the arrangements.
It was crowded, but it was fun.
Thanks also to Carol M. for the arrangement of transportation.
Conjecture looking forward to a hay ride.
I remember what young people did on a hay ride but what do seasoned citizens do? We sang Christmas carols at our last meeting in anticipation of caroling at Christmas time and perhaps a Christmas party at the Bevo. He left us with two directives and one primary prayer and two words.
Peace and now you must guess what.
Till next time, toodels.

Hello from Rite :: September 2012

By Bunny Maginnis, President

I hope by the time you are reading this the ground will be wet with rain and these hundred degree temperatures will be far behind us.

We have not been idle by any means. In June, Jesuita and I went to tour the hotel where the MCB convention will be held in 2013. You are going to love it. I think it is about the most accessible hotel we have ever reserved for a convention. Everything is very convenient and a totally blind person will have no trouble navigating in it.

The Tower Club joined us in late June for a pizza party. The purpose of the gathering was to talk about plans for next year's convention. We are diligently working on ways to make the best convention ever.

Rite is growing. Let's welcome our four newest members. They are Ray Miles, Mike Arrigo, Cindy Gates and Chris Lee. I don't believe any of them have previously belonged to MCB. They are all visually impaired.

Several of our members enjoyed a week at Cobblestone in July. More of us will be having a blast there in September.

Ray Miles is working with a new guide dog. He is a golden retriever and his name is Poncho. He is about 2 years old, and, he loves toes. Yolanda Downey is recuperating from the Shingles. She is feeling much better now.

That’s about it for this writing. We'll see some of you at camp, others at the convention in October, and still others in these pages in December. Until then, may God bless you and bring you happiness and keep you safe.

Rite for the Blind :: March 2012

By Bunny Maginnis, President

Hello from Rite. I can't believe that 2012 is well on its way and we have had no snow to speak of. Wouldn't it be great if the whole winter remains as mild as it has been so far?

In November we chartered a bus to go to Sikeston to eat at Lambert's and did some shopping. There were about 30 members in Rite and UWB who attended. We had a great time. I was really surprised how quickly we were seated and served.

In December we had our Christmas party at Brazi's restaurant. Again several members of UWB joined us and it was a joyous occasion. Prior to the party we went to Mary Culvert home to sing carols to the residents there. We would like to thank John Weidlich again for playing the piano for us. Carol Moody sang a beautiful solo and it was really appreciated.

In January we had a guest speaker, Steven Gragali from the mayor's office talk to us about the metro system. He was very informative and promised to inquire about several items of concerns pertaining to the transportation problems in St. Louis.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who voted for me to serve on the MCB board of directors. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have a question or problem I can help you with. If you are a member at large and don't have a computer or any other way to keep informed call me.

I guess that about does it for this time. We'll see you again on these pages in June. Stay safe, behave and God bless. Warm blessings.

Hello from Rite :: December 2011

By Bunny Maginnis, President

If the weather had cooperated I would be listening to the World Series tonight rooting for the Cardinals. But, since it didn't I guess I'll get some work done. Go Cards tomorrow.

First of all, let me thank Susan Sanderson and the Joplin affiliate for a wonderful convention. They did a terrific job. The goodie bag was so heavy with so many good things I could hardly lift it. Eight of our members attended the convention and had a great time.

On Saturday, November 12th, we will take a chartered bus to Sikeston to eat at Lambert's restaurant. Afterwards we will do some shopping at the strip mall. I plan to do some Christmas shopping there. They have a leather shop and a kitchen store that we like to visit every time we go there. Several people from other affiliates in the St. Louis area will be joining us. It promises to be a fun filled day.

We will be caroling at the Mary Culvert home again this year on December 3rd, just before our Christmas party at Brazie's restaurant. David Upton, chairman of the Christmas party committee has a wonderful evening planned for us.

We are growing in leaps and bounds. It seems that nearly every month we vote in another member. Some of our new members attended camp at Cobblestone during the summer. Dr. Terence and Rachel Crowley were accepted in October just before the convention. We are very pleased to have them.

One of our main priorities this coming year will be researching ways to improve transportation in Missouri. We will help the transportation committee in any way possible. As everyone is aware, transportation is a major problem for the blind. I feel certain if we can find ways to solve this problem our membership in MCB will grow rapidly.

Let me take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a safe and happy holiday season. Don't eat too much, don't drink too much, and above all, don't think too much. See you in April. Warm blessings.

Hello from Rite :: September 2011

By Bunny Maginnis

I hope you are all weathering the heat okay. It was so hot a bird laid an egg in mid air and before it hit the ground it was hard boiled. Now if you believe that I will sell you some property on the ocean in the middle of Arizona.

We held our picnic on June 18th in Wilmore Park. The weather was very nice and there was a very pleasant breeze blowing. The only problem was that on the rafters of the shelter we were using were mamma birds, papa birds and baby birds. They sang songs for us and left little surprises all over the tables and benches. We had a good turnout, lots of food and oodles of fun.

Four of us attended the ACB convention in Reno. We went on the train and had some memorial experiences. We had to take 2 busses from St. Louis to Chicago. Because of flooding several tracks could not be used causing the train to be late. It was 5 hours late to be exact. I was pleased with the assistance we received on the train. There wasn’t much entertainment at the hotel except the casino and those slot machines were very stingy. We did go to a couple of restaurants near the hotel, a pub and a mexican establishment. I was disappointed that the hotel was so isolated. I thought the speakers were rather interesting though.

From Reno to Chicago everything went well. The mountains are magnificent and the conductor described a lot of the scenery to us. However, when we got to Chicago things went awry. Our bus was due to leave Chicago at 6 pm. The train was late getting there and we only had 10 minutes to catch it after we left the train. Our assistant wasn't there to meet us. Of course, we missed the bus. After spending a lot of time working things out with the Amtrak office they put us up in a hotel. I thought they would give us a room in Hotel 6 or some place of that price. I was wrong. They sent us to one of the nicest places I have ever had the privilege of staying. We stayed at the Embassy Suites. It had all the conveniences of home. It was very comfortable, clean and pleasant. Amtrak also gave us money for food and cab fare to the hotel and back to the station. We had a free buffet breakfast. We had a good time and thank Amtrak for their consideration.

We would like to welcome our new members. Sherman and Theresa Davis, Carol and Patrick Moody. Sherman and Theresa are new members to MCB and Carol and Patrick transferred from another affiliate. Welcome guys.

Several of our members attended camp at Cobblestone this summer. I understand, although it was very hot, they had a wonderful time.

We are planning to go to the ball game to see the Cardinals and Cubs in September. Go Cards.

Before this turns into a book I'd better shut it down. I hope you have enjoyed your summer and have made a lot of good memories no matter what you did. See you in the next chronicle or at the convention.

Hello from Rite :: June 2011

By Bunny Maginnis

I can't believe that summer is upon us and 2011 is half gone. I sincerely hope that everyone escaped the tornadoes without a scratch. We had a lot of rain but were not effective by them otherwise. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims of the storms whether here in Missouri or all across the country.

It appears that Cobblestone will be full of Rite members this summer. When we received the camp applications in March it only took a minute for them to disappear into someone's hands. Five of us will be going to Reno for the ACB convention in July. We are looking forward to a nice long train ride.

Our annual picnic will be held in Wilmore park on Saturday June 18th. Members and guest are asked to bring a covered dish, with something in it, of course. If you plan to join us please call Larry at 314-725-7135.

We wish to welcome our newest member, Sherman Davis, who is blind. We are growing and that is wonderful. It seems like only yesterday we were practically begging for members.

We wish to congratulate Elton Thomas on his appointment as chairman of the Resource and Development committee. You're doing a bang up job, Elton. Keep up the good work.

In closing I would just like to say "thanks" to all my committees. You all do wonderful work for Rite and it is very appreciated. See you in next quarter Chronicle.

The RITE Report :: December 2009

By Bunny Maginnis

Here we are, back from one of the smoothest conventions I have ever attended.  I'd like to commend the MCB President, Denny Huff, on the good job he did at conducting his first convention.

Ten of our members attended the convention this year, and every one seemed to really enjoy themselves.

We will host our anual hayride in Forest Park on Saturday evening, October 24.  There will be a wener roast with all the trimmings.  Come hungry, stay late.

How about a trip to Sikeston Missouri to eat at Lambert's restaurant and shopping?  We are chartering a bus to go there the first Saturday in December.  If you are interested in going contact Larry Ledford at 314 752 7135.

On December 19th we will again sing Christmas carols at the Mary Colvert home followed by a dinner at the Aris restaurant.  We are looking forward to a joy filled Holliday season.

We had our elections in October.  The slate of officers are as follows:  President, Bunny Maginnis; First vice-president, Tim McClure; Second vice-president, Angelo Trapasso; Secretary, Bob Sears; Treasurer, Rose Ledford; and Member at large, Lucrecia Upton;

Rose Ledford became grandma for the first time in June.  Little Dawson is a happy, healthy baby boy.  Congradulations, Rose.

In closing let us wish each and every one of you a wonderful Holliday season.  May it be filled with joy and happiness.  Until we see you again in these pages, Warm blessings!

The RITE Report :: June 2009

by Bunny Maginnis

Hello from Rite,

Thank goodness spring is finally here.  It is good to be able to go out to play without having to bundle up.  It's wonderful to smell the flowers; feel the green grass under our feet; breathe the warm air and feel the warm sunshine on our faces.

Four of our members attended the MCB board meeting in Independence.  It was a long trip but it was worth knowing what is going on in the organization.  The mcb president, Denny Huff, is doing an excellent job of keeping everyone informed.  His effort is certainly appreciated.

Seven of our members will be attending the acb convention in Florida this summer.  Four of us will be taking the train.  We'll have a 6 hour lay over in Washington, Dc.  Hopefully there will be time for some sight seeing.

In January we had a representative from the Red Cross give a presentation on emergency disasters and how to be prepared.  She did an excellent job and it was very informative.

Every other month our group meets at a local restaurant.  Our next meeting will be held at Bruno's on Hampton.  The meet goes well and everyone seems to enjoy it.

In closing, may we take a moment to wish you a safe, happy and prosperous summer.  We'll see some of you at camp; some of you at the acb convention, and the rest of you in Independence for the mcb convention in October.

Warm blessings,
Bunny Maginnis

The RITE Report :: December 2008

By Bunny Maginnis

Happy Autumn to you all, although by the time you read this it will be winter again.

We had nine members attending the convention this year.  We wish to congratulate all the new officers on their elections.  We wish them well.

We have two new members.  They are both blind.  We welcome you, Robert Sears and Ona Hardy.  You are an asset to our organization.

We held our election of officers in October just before the convention.  They are:  Blanche Burrell, president; Bunny Maginnis, first vice-president; Angelo Trapasso, second vice-president; Bob Sears, secretary; and Rose Ledford, treasurer.  Tim McClure is our director.

Our Christmas party will be held at Aris restaurant again this year on December 20th.

We canceled our annual hayride this year because of highway construction.  We plan to continue it next year.

We wish all of you a very safe and happy holliday season.  See you again in March.

The RITE Report :: September 2008

By Bunny Maginnis

Hello from Rite,

By the time you are reading this we will be in the beginning of autumn, and making arrangements to go to the convention. It seems like summer sped by this year. You know the old saying that the older one gets the faster time flies. Oh well, smile.

As I write this some of our members are at camp, and we hope they are having a wonderful time.

On August the 23rd rite will host a picnic in Wilmore Park.  Everyone is invited to attend but we ask that you bring a covered dish, with food in it, of course, and whatever you would like to drink.  There will be games and a lot of friendly conversation.

We will have our annual hayride in Forest park in early November. This is something we have done for the past several years.  There will be more information concerning time and a place to meet closer to the time of the event.

I have to tell you this story about the Trapasso family.  They went downtown on the 4th of July to see the fire works.  On the way home they were waiting on Kings Highway for a bus about 12/30 in the morning.  A policewoman pulled up and asked if they were all right. They told her they were waiting for a bus.  She informed them that no more busses ran that late.  She told them to get in the car and she would take them home.  We have been teasing them about being picked up by the police.  All kidding aside, it was nice of the police woman to offer them a ride.

If all goes well, I will be going to Oregon soon to get a guide dog.  This is not a hasty decision. I have thought about it for several years.  Since I lost all my sight I have lost a lot of independence.  If anyone has any advice for me they can reach me at bmag45@fidnet.com.  I would welcome any advice or pointers you can give me.

This about wraps up our report for this time.  We'll see most of you at the convention in October.  God bless you and your families.

Warm blessings,
Bunny Maginnis

The RITE Report :: June 2008

By Bunny Maginnis, Recording Secretary

Hello from RITE:

It has been awhile since we have written a report for the Chronicle but we are well and going strong.

I am happy to report that we have three new members.  They are:  Scot Trapasso, Bob Spear and Ona Hardey.  Scot is sighted and Bob and Ona are blind.

To bring you up to date on our activities for the past few months, here is a brief summary.  Our holidays were bright and joyous.  We did all the usual things such as a dinner at a local restaurant, exchanging gifts and caroling.  We participated in the Salvation Army's tree of lights by sending a nice donation.

The harsh winter weather kept us from planning a lot of activities during the passed few months.  However, four of us did go to Jeff City for legislation days.  We also attended the board meetings in November, December and April.

The Trapassos, Blanche Burrell and George Hunsicker plan to attend summer camp, and Maryan Harrison is planning to go to Louisville for the ACB convention.

We were saddened by the death of Lee Manske.  We send our prayers to Carol and Calvin.  Lee was a special lady and she will be missed by a lot of friends.

Another citizen of the blind community of St. Louis, John Hall, passed away recently.  Our thoughts and prayers also go out to his family.

Now that spring and summer our upon us I promise to have a longer and more interesting article in September.  Until then, We wish you good health and lots of happiness and warm blessings.