St. Louis Northern Lights Council

Affiliate News

Northern Lights Council :: June 2017

By Steve Schnelle, President

Hello from Northern Lights. As I write this article, we're preparing for our booth at Valley of Flowers, a fair held in Florissant, one of the North County suburbs. This year, we're selling homemade dog treats as well as dog toys made of clothing and collars off of shirts that folks put on their dogs with our logo ironed on the collar tab; it's a Pinterest thing. We're also providing literature and selling chances to our Cardinal tickets package made possible again from Carl Chappell, one of our members. Again this year, tickets are $10 and the package includes 4 green seat tickets right behind home plate, 2 parking passes and food and drink throughout the game. This year the game is between the Cards and Cubs on September 25th which is a Monday. If anyone would like to purchase tickets this year please call me at 314-440-0902 or email me at Last year a woman who works with one of our members won, and turns out that she use to work at Missouri School for the Blind, an interesting coincidence. We're trying to get some of our members to join us on the train to KC for convention in October and we will have a table in the market place again this year. May 13th will be our last meeting before the summer and then we're off until August. Here's hoping everyone has a wonderful summer and enjoy many Cardinals and Royals games, not to mention our farm team in Springfield. Good times and good health to you all.

St. Louis Northern Lights Council :: March 2017

By Steve Schnelle, President

I trust that everyone is staying happy and healthy this winter. Northern Lights is enjoying its second year in existence and finally able to give back to the community. This Christmas, we adopted a child with a visual impairment for Christmas. As a matter of fact one of our members is connected with a fostering program and our special guy was a foster child with multiple disabilities. This made it a challenge and a pleasure to serve him. As it turned out, we put our heads together and accommodated both sight and hearing impairments with our gifts. It is my hope that we are able to contact this agency next Christmas and make another foster child's Christmas special.

One of our members, Bob Selby has regained some sight thanks to the Argus implant that he received in October. He says that he can distinguish shapes, edges of objects, doorways and even watched the breakers come in on the beach in California when he attended meetings at the company that invented the Argus device. He was even featured on local TV. Bob says this is a major breakthrough for those with RP and is confident that others will soon be able to benefit from future improvements to this device. Our Cardinal ticket raffle will be announced again this spring so please look for it on the MCB lists. If you are not on the lists and still wish to purchase a raffle ticket you can call me, Steve Schnelle, at 314-440-0902. Here's hoping that summer comes soon and I can see you all at Cobblestone. Until next time take care and stay well.

Greetings from Northern Lights Council :: December 2016

By Steve Schnelle, President

What a great convention this year! I want to thank all of you for making our Northern lights members feel welcome and thanks to everyone that bought something at our table in the craft room. As a result, we raised $84 for Northern Lights. Thanks to Loretta Welch for always trying to accommodate everyone's needs. Hopefully there will be another craft room in Kansas City and we’ll load the gipsy wagon again with interesting items that you just can’t live without.

Our White Cane walk was a big success! Twelve of our members walked down to the Ferguson farmers market, where we had a short ceremony and the White Cane law was read. A short meeting followed and the membership voted to adopt a foster child with a visual impairment for Christmas; providing him with clothing and other items. During the winter we will be working on our 501c3 status and planning fundraisers for next year.

By the time everyone is reading this we will be well into the holidays; so let me wish all of you on behalf of STNLC a happy Thanks giving and a blessed Christmas!

Northern Lights Council :: September 2016

By President Steve Schnelle

By the time you’re reading this, some lucky raffle winners will be happily munching on hot dogs and other snacks, 8 rows behind home plate, while they watch the Cards beat the Cubs at Busch Stadium. We want to thank all of you who have participated in our Northern Lights raffle for these awesome tickets that were donated to us by one of our members, Mr. Carl Chappell. Because of his donation, and all of you who have helped we will now be able to pursue a 501(c)3 status and become a happy little non-profit. I’m hoping to work out transportation for our members to attend the convention this year as we don’t have the money to supplement hotel rooms yet. We have lost some members and gained new ones but it looks like we’re going to make it. Until we see each other at convention, stay happy and well.

St. Louis Northern Lights Council :: June 2016

By Steve Schnelle, President

Greetings from the north; St. Louis Northern Lights Council. We have so much going on, I didn’t get this letter to the Chronicle staff until April 30. On May 7th we will do our first informational booth at the Florissant Valley of the Flowers carnival. We’ll be passing out fliers and selling chances for a Cardinals package provided to us from a member’s family. This package includes four green seats that are 5 rows behind home plate, food and beverages throughout the game, and 2 free parking passes. The game is between the Cards and Cubs on Sept. 12th, a Monday night. This package is near $1400 of fun and all you have to pay is $10 per chance. Talk about a fundraiser!

By the time we see you at the convention in October, we hope to have many more members than our current twenty-five. I hope everyone has a great summer, and I’ll see some of you at camp. If any of you wish to get in on the Cards-Cubs game raffle please contact me, Steve Schnelle, at (314)440-0902. Thank you, and take care.

Northern Lights Council of the Blind :: March 2016

By Steve Schnelle, President

Hello and happy spring to you. As you read this, Northern Lights is hard at work implementing fundraisers to further our cause and help our members attend the state convention. Many of our members are new to MCB and are interested in experiencing the convention and everything that goes on there. At our Christmas party, we not only had a great time with Christmas breakfast and singing Christmas carols, but raised $90 with raffles. A few of our members joined our community by attending a Christmas event in Ferguson with activities for the kids, caricature drawings and free carriage rides. This spring we will be participating in a local fair called Florissant Valley of Flowers. As I write this, the members have not decided between an informational booth or a sales booth. Our decision will be made at our next meeting on the 6th of February. It’s amazing how fast our little affiliate is growing. At each meeting we grow by one or two members. I am so blessed to have so many movers and shakers in our Council and everyone is excited to get fundraising under way. There are many ideas being tossed around that I have never heard of. The February meeting will begin our speaker series. Because we have quite a lot of younger members, we have invited a representative from DASA, Disabled Athletes Sports Association, to let us know what is out there as far as sports available to blind and visually impaired folks. Hopefully, in the next chronicle installment I will be able to update you on activities and not just plans for Northern Lights Council. Until then, stay safe and stay well.

St. Louis Northern Lights Council :: December 2015

By Steve Schnelle, President

Hello to everyone from the newest affiliate in MCB, St. Louis Northern Lights Council. We’re excited that you voted us in as an affiliate of MCB at the annual convention in October, and we all look forward to joining the mission of MCB. Some of our members are members at large that were just floating around up here in North County St. Louis, and others are brand new members wanting to make a difference in the lives of the blind and visually impaired of North County. This area had an affiliate a while back called Action Council but membership was small. Since then the population of blind and visually impaired has grown in North County, and transportation options have opened, up which will make it easier for Northern Lights to grow by leaps and bounds.

We are 20 strong and growing, and we have the potential to take part in a lot of fundraising ventures which will allow us to implement several ideas which we feel will benefit not just the blind and visually impaired of North County, but other areas of St. Louis as well.

We hope to be there in numbers at the convention next year in St. Louis to meet and mingle with all of you.

We are very fortunate to meet at a coffee house with wonderful coffee and scrumptious breakfast on the second Saturday of each month. I know I’ve said it so many times, but I’ll say it again: If you know of anyone in the North County area of St. Louis that is looking for an organization to join, please tell them about St. Louis Northern Lights Council. The MCB office has our contact information for any interested folks. Thank you, and Happy Holidays from Northern Lights!