Lake Stockton Area Council of the Blind

Lake Stockton Area Council of the Blind is an organization dedicated to improving the social and economic welfare of visually impaired and blind residents in Lake Stockton and the surrounding area.  Lake Stockton Area Council of the Blind strives to improve specialized services promoting independence as well as creating accessible social opportunities for the blind and visually impaired community.

As an affiliate of Missouri Council of the Blind and a member of the American Council of the Blind our members receive monthly and quarterly newsletters and opportunities to attend informative meetings and annual conventions.

We invite residents and members of the business community who are interested in improving the lives in Lake Stockton to please join our efforts. Membership is open to all. Come meet with us and find out how you can join our campaign to improve the lives of the blind and visually impaired citizens in your community.

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Affiliate News

Lake Stockton Area Council of the Blind :: June 2013

By Beverly Robertson, President

Hope all of our friends are happy and doing well. It is wonderful that we have been blessed with rain to make everything so green as well as fill the lakes, rivers and ponds. Our group seems to be getting smaller due to illness and death but we still enjoy our monthly meeting to visit and catch up on what everybody has been doing. We are not going to be able to have our auction this year as we don't have enough people who are able to get it all together. We are really going to miss this fun time with our friends.

Lake Stockton Area Council of the Blind :: June 2012

By Beverly Robertson, President

We have had a good year so far and have had good attendance to our monthly meetings. At our last meeting in April, we had a guest speaker, Dr. Kirar, OD, who spoke to us concerning macular degeneration. He gave us a lot of good information as a group and spent time after the meeting visiting with individuals and answering their questions.

We plan to have our annual auction again this summer. The date will be August 4, 2012, which is the first Saturday in August. If you plan to come, please let us know in advance. We will be sending out invitations later this summer. Hope to see you then.

Hello from Lake Stockton Area Affiliate :: September 2011

By Linda Dawes, Secretary

We had a great day on Saturday, August 6, as we celebrated our 25th Silver Birthday. Mary Gray, our charter member, was with us and Beverly Robertson, our president and newest affiliate member, surprised Gray with a silver necklace and a copy of the original charter. A big thank you goes out to all who attended the dinner and auction to help us celebrate.

Bill Deaton was named Missouri Council of the Blind’s April Member of the Month. During the affiliate’s May meeting, Willa Hood read the article about Bill from the local newspaper. Eddie Robertson read the announcement that was sent via email from MCB President Denny Huff as LSACB President Robertson presented Deaton with a framed “Pat-on-the-Back.” Deaton has been a devoted and valued member of Lake Stockton Area Council of the Blind for over eight years.

Beverly and Eddie Robertson, Garland Brich, Willa Hood, and Wayne and Linda Dawes attended the White Cane Walk hosted by the Springfield Service Club on Saturday, May 21.

In July, Garland was hospitalized due to blood clots in his left leg. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Jo Ann Mitchell joined LSACB as our first Associate Member. The affiliate had approved an Associate Membership in order for more sighted individuals to become members of our organization.

As I write this for the Chronicle, much needed rain is falling, and that takes me back to the devastating tornadoes that our friends in Joplin and Sedalia endured. We, the members of Lake Stockton are thankful that you are still with us. You are in our thoughts and prayers as you rebuild and/or help your friends and neighbors rebuild.

Friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life. ~Thomas Jefferson

Lake Stockton Area :: June 2011

By Linda Dawes

Hello from Lake Stockton Area. We’re still alive and going strong. Beverly Robertson was elected as president during our March meeting. Linda Dawes accepted the duties as secretary. Harry Hickman and Charlene Wilson will continue as vice president and treasurer, respectively. Beverly attended her first board meeting in April. She found the experience to be enlightening and enjoyed meeting other MCB members. Her husband Eddie was the driver and guide. He is very supportive of his wife’s endeavors and active in our affiliate.

The Robertsons and Wayne & Linda Dawes traveled to Springfield the first part of March to visit a meeting of the Springfield Service Club. Service Club members were very gracious in welcoming the visitors. And, the visitors found a new great place to eat – The Cedars. What a great night it was!

Tim Erickson, investment representative with Edward Jones, was our guest speaker for April. Due to the economy and low interest rates, he spoke to the group about investing in some stocks that had proven their reliability for many years.

A welcome back to John and Aline Torbett. They renewed their membership at our April meeting.

A few of our members are planning to attend the White Cane Walk in May hosted by the Springfield Service Club. We are also making plans for our 25th birthday celebration in August with a dinner and auction.

Ellen Bell, member and friend, departed this world for her heavenly home on April 19. She left with us a wealth of fond memories, especially her laughter and song.

Wishing you all the wonderful gifts of spring and the warm sunshine of summer.

Lake Stockton Area Council :: June 2010

By Angie Crowson

Greetings from Lake Stockton Area,

Our Former President, Harry Hickman, has been fervently promoting our membership drive on the radio. Must be the world - wide military training - the promo paid off. We had two new members.

The chill of Feb. 10 left us slip-sliding away. But March came around with the promise of the bright green spring.

Teresa Richards, new member, comes from Bolivar. She always looks so eager with her big smile. She attends with her husband, Andy. The other new member is Patricia Dietz. She will learn from her seasoned veteran family members, who are Mother, Aunts, and cousins. She enjoys reading and being with her family. They make us feel at home with their entertaining picnics.

We are looking forward to our White Cane Walk on May 15, 2010. Our fellow affiliates in Joplin and Springfield are nice to connect with.

We were privileged to have President Denny Huff come to our meeting location. He, along with other guest speakers, informed us of the latest technologies available to blind & visually impaired. We had a packed house, with 51 in attendance.

It's good to have Leota & Dewey Amlin back in town. He is a devoted husband, who takes care of his blind wife, Leota. He keeps us entertained with his jokes.

Our prayers are with Bill Deaton who recently suffered a stroke. He is reported as regaining strength to get back to his beautiful wood carvings. He is always generous to donate them monthly as prizes, and to our auction. I'm ready to bid.

In closing, we sadly report the death of Walter Cockrell. He passed away in February. Walter joined the Council of the Blind in February, 2002. He is married to our other long-time member Louise, our Famous Baker. He was a faithful member and a good friend. He volunteered at the Salvation Army.

"Your loved one will always be as close as a memory, and the God of all comfort as close as a prayer."

This line was provided by Linda Dawes, member, in a previous Chronicle.

Lake Stockton Area Council of the Blind :: March 2010

By Angie Crowson, Secretary

We wish you a Happy 2010!

We had much to give thanks for at our Thanksgiving Banquet.  Many of our members have serious health problems.  It was a blessing for God to grant us one more union.

As when one light dims, we are provided a new shaft, as in our newest member John Torbett.  He resides in Bolivar.  Wife, Aline, serves as our board member.  John is a proud member of the Disabled American Veterans.  He enjoys being with Family and watching them grow.

Our prayers are with Louise Cockrell, on the passing of her husband, Walter, on November 13, 2009.  He was a faithful member, who with Louise, kept us happy as recipients of her delectable bakery.

Leota  Amblin celebrated her Nov. 27 birthday.  We prepared her a Rainbow Cake with candles to blow out, and she was wished well, especially by her guide dog, Haley.

We certainly had a white Christmas.  Snow blanketed the Lake Stockton area.  We shared our fondest memories of Christmas past.  Most memorable was a recitation by Helen Gillham on "The Little Things," we remember at the seasons, as the surprise in a child's face on Christmas morning, as remarkable as a diamond ring present.

Eunice Ballinger was welcomed as our new board member.  She has been a member since 2003.  She graciously has supported one sister in the past, and one presently, Helen Gillam.

Due to the precarious weather, we decided to cancel our Jan. meeting.  We snuggled by the fire, and made New Year's Resolutions to reach out to new & fellow members of the Lake Stockton Area Council of the Blind.

 Happy New Year!

Lake Stockton Area Council of the Blind :: December 2009

By Angie Crowson, Secretary

A hardy hello from Lake Stockton Area, 

We have a lot to brag about this time around.  Chiefly, we honored our member, Jean Dody.  It definitely is an understatement to say member.  Jean Dody was the pioneer who became our organization.  I think she figured out the surprise, so we acted clandestinely, knowing she probably would say to give it to someone else.  Jean is the second longest member of Lake Stockton Area.  She is slightly eclipsed by Mary Lee Gray, who has also been steadily with us.  She has served as president many terms, and has been drafted as vice president and board member.  She is always eager to represent us at the many conventions throughout the year.  She beams with pride when she shares the results.  Before I became a member, I was impressed by the respect members and the community endeared to her.  It must have been those handshakes and powerful, simple words when she said "thank you".  The community and members donated flowers, cakes, and a plaque that reads, “We think the world of you”. 

It was good to see our public relations representative, Leroy Welch, with wife, Loretta.  They were presented bouquets, along with Mary Lee Grant.       

Our August auction was a success.  We thank our hard working members and the support of our fellow affilliates of Springfield and Joplin. A picnic lunch was given by Woods Grocery, blended with our great bakers.    

Mary Lee Gray's daughter, Donna Yarnell, joined our group.  Donna is from Clinton.  She enjoys her poodles and arts and crafts.    

Our Halloween party gave us a lot of laughs.  Judge Linda Dawes decided the winners of the best costume.  The categories were:  ,Most original was Ellen Bell as a Safari explorer; Oh My, was Robert Evans as the grim reaper; You've got guts to come out went to Helen Gillham as a ghoul with rotten teeth; funniest to Angie Crowson as an old heifer.  

We will be smiling proudly at each member this holiday season.  If one is missing ,we will always remember your service.      

Happy Holidays!

Lake Stockton Area Council of the Blind :: September 2009

By Angie Crowson, Secretary

Greetings from Lake Stockton Area,

We are busy-bees, getting ready for our fundraising dinner and auction.  Our affiliates from Joplin and Springfield are planning to join us.  It will be good to see Leroy & Loretta Welch.  Leroy is the MCB Public Relations chairman.  Our “Ace in the Hole” is that we have some superb bakers such as Louise Cockrell, Beverly Wheeler, and Garland Brich.  The auction will be at the Polk County Youth Fairgrounds in Bolivar on August 8, 2009.

We are greatly saddened by the recent loss of our two faithful members, Dorothy Fewox and Marshall Eggert.  But we were sent dynamo Donna Yarnell as our newest member.  Her mother, Mary Lee Gray, was one of the first members of our organization.  So we are sure that Donna has excellent training.

Jean Dody attended the State Board Meeting in Independence.  She said Denny Huff, our state president, showed very professional attributes.

Jean is reported as doing well and is home from recent hospitalization.

Four members enjoyed the White Cane Walk in May.  Phelps Grove Park in Springfield served as a warm setting for the entertainment from a band using handmade instruments such as washboards and tubs.

Sue Thomas was recognized for best attendance during our June meeting.  We presented her with a bouquet of roses for all her hard work.

It will be a toss of the coin for our nominees for the Jim Henderson Member of the Year award.  Our nominees are:  Jean Dody, Linda Dawes, Charlene Wilson, and Mary Lee Gray.  All go the extra mile to help the blind.

Prayers go out to Garland Brich, who had five tumors removed.  Hurry up and get well because we have to savor your cobblers.

Fun times were had by Harry Hickman and Willa Hood at summer camp.  Harry had to visit the hospital, but it was semi-worthwhile because he bumped into an old acquaintance from his hometown.

Till we meet again,

Happy Trails,

Angie Crowson, Secretary

Lake Stockton Area Council :: September 2008

By Linda Dawes, Secretary

Sunny Smiles to All from Lake Stockton

Whether it’s the warmth of the summer, the chill of the fall, the snow of the winter or the rebirth of the spring, each season is incredible.  Hope you had an incredible summer.
Maxine Moore from Stockton is our newest member.  She joined our affiliate in July.
In May, Garland Brich, Willa Hood, Robert and Teresa Evans attended the White Cane Walk at Phelps Grove Park in Springfield.  This was Garland’s first White Cane Walk.  He reported an enjoyable time.  Thank you, Springfield Service Club, for inviting us to be part of this worthwhile endeavor of giving support to the Missouri Lions Eye Research Foundation.
Several of our members have been having health issues including two that spent several days in the hospital.  Sue Thomas and Robert Evans both endured serious surgeries, but are now, at this writing, recuperating at home.
That Bill Deaton has been at it again.  Some of his latest wooden creations have been the “south-end” of a Dalmatian (looks like the dog has his head down digging in the yard or garden), a life-like bulldog, and a couple of cats.  Rumor has it that some of these critters will make an appearance in the craft room at this year’s convention.
Fun and games, friends and food were just a few of the things that summer camp attendees enjoyed while at Cobblestone.  That was the story that Ellen Bell, Willa Hood, Harry Hickman, Robert and Teresa Evans were telling upon return from their June visit.  Ellen had not attended summer camp before and was delighted to make so many new friends.  She said that there was food, food, food, and more food and that she even brought home some trophies.  It was a great time for all the campers.
“Life is too short to wake up with regrets.  So love the people who treat you right.  Forget about the one’s who don’t.  Believe everything happens for a reason.   If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands.  If it changes your life, let it.  Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.  Friends are like balloons; once you let them go, you can’t get them back.  So I’m gonna tie you to my heart so I never lose you.”

Lake Stockton Area Council :: June 2008

By Linda Dawes, Secretary

Greetings from Lake Stockton

After all the rain, we hope that you are not stuck in the mud as Jean Dody was.  She went out to check her garden.  The garden was quite muddy and as Jean took a step forward her foot went down causing her to fall.  She was able to reach a fencepost to pull herself up; then she pulled her shoe out of the mud and preceded back to the house.  Helen Gillham had a similar experience while visiting with an over-the-fence neighbor.  So, was that too much rain or was that too much rain. 

We have three new members.  Helen VanZandt and Wayne Deason joined Lake Stockton in April.  Kathryn Dawes joined in May.

The affiliate members are planning a rummage sale and bake sale this summer.  Lunch to be purchased will also be available.  This event will be opened to the public and, hopefully, this will put some spending money into the treasury.

Lake Stockton’s Board Rep Eujean Dody and members Marie Davis and Linda Dawes traveled to St. Peters for the April Board Meeting.  Never a dull moment at the Board Meetings as the lively discussions surely will keep you awake.  The St. Charles affiliate members responsible for the Hospitality Night did an awesome job.  Thanks for a great Friday evening.

In closing, we sadly report the death of Dorothy Benes.  She passed away on March 9.  Dorothy joined the Council of the Blind in October 1998 after her marriage to Leo, a long-time member.  She was a faithful member, treasurer, and a good friend.  “Your loved one will always be as close as a memory, and the God of all comfort as close as a prayer.”

Lake Stockton Area Council :: March 2008

By Linda Dawes, Secretary

Greetings from Lake Stockton

Well, it seems that Missouri is holding up to its reputation of... If you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes and it will change.  Of course, there are other states that claim this saying as well. However, this past Monday it was 60 degrees in Springfield and in the time it took to drive north 30 miles to Bolivar the temperature dropped to 26 degrees. Then last night, Thursday, it snowed enough to close most local schools, but the snow had melted away by the next afternoon. Weather, if nothing else, is interesting!

The unpredictable weather caused havoc with the attendance of our Christmas Dinner and Program. Only 31 members and guests of the original 53 challenged the frightful weather to attend the December meeting. During the brief business meeting an application for membership was read and approved. Welcome, new member, Vickie Black of Bolivar.

One of Santa's helpers was found in the membership of Lake Stockton. He, Bill Deaton, was surprised with a box of chocolates, a gift certificate, and sandpaper tucked inside a Santa hat. Deaton has donated many woodcrafted items that have been given away at our meetings.

Louise Cockrell made a variety of homemade candies for us to enjoy. Two boxes of these delicious goodies were given away. Marie and Helen Gillham were the lucky winners.

As Linda Dawes attempted to read... Twas the Night Before Christmas, she was interrupted several times by Gillham and Jean Dody. They were handing out gifts (a mouse with wooden spoons for Anot a creature was stirring, not even a mouse, and Comet cleanser for a reindeer under Santa's sink! Gillham and Dody continued distributing these somewhat Aappropriate presents until all yes, they gave someone All detergent) had a gift.

Mary Gray, Robert Glidwell, Davis, and Gillham shared their Christmas thoughts through scriptures, stories, songs, and a poem. Manning Miller, guest speaker, gave the concluding remarks and prayer.

February is here already and March soon will follow. So Happy Valentine's Day followed by a St. Patrick's Day wish for you:

Wishing you a rainbow
For sunlight after showers.
Miles and miles of Irish smiles
For golden happy hours.
Shamrocks at your doorway
For luck and laughter too,
And a host of friends that never ends
Each day your whole life through!

Lake Stockton Area Council :: December 2007

By Linda Dawes, Secretary

Sending Thankful Thoughts
Your Way from Lake Stockton

At the time of this writing, Thanksgiving time is fast approaching. It is a time to stop, think, and reflect on the blessings that we have been given and be thankful:

Thankful for the MCB staff, Joplin Service Club, and all who put forth the time and effort to make the 51st annual MCB Convention informative as well as enjoyable. Thank you, Leroy and Loretta Welch, for honoring so many people with corsages and gift cards. Eight members and two guests from Lake Stockton traveled to Joplin for the convention.

Thankful for so many people that have supported our Annual Dinner and Auction held each August. We enjoyed this yearly event and regret that it has come to an end.

Thankful for our affiliate members that have become our friends, and although we have lost three more loved ones--Doris Rickert, Ethel Glidwell, and Ruby Sibley--we rest assured that they wait for us in Heaven’s land. May God’s love heal the sorrow, and may His peace replace the heartache with warm and loving memories.

Thankful for Lake Stockton’s members, family, and friends who gathered for the traditional Thanksgiving meal on November 1. We shared our “bounty” by bringing non-perishable food items to the dinner and meeting. These items will be donated to the local food pantry. Past and present executive officers were recognized for their leadership with Wal-Mart gift cards. Robert and Teresa Evans were recognized for receiving the affiliate’s nomination for the Jim Henderson Member of the Year Award. Mildred Rickman was recognized for her time and effort in collecting Best Choice labels for the last several years.

Thankful for Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and the freedom to celebrate His birth not just during the Christmas season, but each and every day.

Wishing you a never-ending season of love and peace.