Joplin Service Club of the Blind

Joplin Service Club of the Blind is an organization dedicated to improving the social and economic welfare of visually impaired and blind residents in Joplin and the surrounding area.  Joplin Service Club of the Blind strives to improve specialized services promoting independence as well as creating accessible social opportunities for the blind and visually impaired community.

As an affiliate of Missouri Council of the Blind and a member of the American Council of the Blind our members receive monthly and quarterly newsletters and opportunities to attend informative meetings and annual conventions.

We invite residents and members of the business community who are interested in improving the lives in Joplin to please join our efforts. Membership is open to all. Come meet with us and find out how you can join our campaign to improve the lives of the blind and visually impaired citizens in your community.

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Affiliate News

Joplin Service Club of the Blind :: June 2017

By Mary Coe

The Joplin Service Club has been very active during the past few months! We enjoy lunches every Tuesday prepared by our talented volunteers and monthly dinners provided by Joplin churches and other organizations. In March we celebrated St Patrick’s Day with a delicious meal of corned beef and cabbage and in April we “picnicked” with ham and the fixings.

In February Joplin Association for the Blind hosted a group of Home Schooled students who were given the opportunity to see how blind children deal with everyday living. It is exciting that Missouri Council of the Blind is opening up eligibility for younger children to join, and the Service Club looks forward to having a new generation of members in the Joplin Club.

Jim Murray, our MCB board representative, attended Legislative Days in Jefferson City. Jim is a great source of what is going on in MCB and the state, and keeps us informed at our monthly business meetings.

Joplin Association for the Blind held its spring fundraiser on April 6th. The Service Club was a huge source of donations to the silent auction, donating items and giving money to purchase items to go in Easter baskets for the auction. We have a generous group of people in the Club who give back in any way they can.

We are pleased to announce the addition of two new members to the Service Club. Lorna and Eugene Whittenback were accepted for membership in April.

Everyone have a great summer!

Joplin Service Club of the Blind :: December 2016

By Mary Coe

The Joplin Service Club has been very busy during the past few months!

In August, the Jasper County Clerk demonstrated the new voting machines for the disabled, blind and visually impaired at our Support Group meeting.  Members of the Support Group tried out the new machines and gained some confidence in using them to vote in November.  We enjoyed our monthly Thursday evening dinner, served by the Fellowship Masonic Lodge with entertainment provided by our local celebrity, Duke Mason. 

Several of our members attended the Carl Junction Bluegrass Festival in September and had a great time.  St Paul’s United Methodist church provided a delicious meal for our Thursday evening dinner.  Flu shots were given by a local pharmacy at our September 27th luncheon.  And sadly, we lost one of our dear members, Janet Hill.  Janet was 97 and an inspiration to all of us.  She will be greatly missed. 

A representative from Oxford HealthCare came to one of our October luncheons to give a presentation on steps to take to prevent falling and memory sharpening.  We enjoyed a time of answering trivia questions and found we knew quite a few of the answers.  St Peter’s Catholic Church served our Thursday evening meal.  Entertainment included patriotic songs provided by a quartet from the church, with the Service Club singing along.

On November 10th the Joplin Association for the Blind held the annual Chili and Soup Feed, which included a Silent Auction.  Dinner on Thursday evening was homemade chicken and noodles provided by Fairview Baptist Church, with entertainment by a group from the church.  The Joplin Service Club of the Blind would like to wish everyone a very blessed holiday season!

Joplin Service Club Of The Blind :: September 2016

By Mary Coe

We at the Joplin Service Club of the Blind are sorry to announce the passing in May of two of our long time members, Linda Russell and Howard King. Linda was so involved, always wanting to help others, not only with the local club but also with MCB. She loved every minute of it.

Howard was the “trinket guy” who loved handing out watches, key chains, and lapel pins, some of which were patriotic. He was a very patriotic individual and loved his Country. They both are missed, and will be in our hearts forever!

On June 17th the “United Way” held their annual “Day of Action” of which the Association and the Service Club participated. Due to the extreme temperatures, we held a Beeper ball game and picnic indoors. Volunteers from area businesses came and played the game and helped with the picnic.

On Thursday, July 28th, the Service had their monthly dinner, hosted by the First Presbyterian Church group, with great food and entertainment provided by musicians Max Brown and Bob Toft.

Until next time remember, “Summer always ends with Good memories”

Joplin Service Club of the Bind :: June 2016

By Mary Coe

Spring has sprung! I trust that all of you enjoyed your Easter, as I did mine.

On the 7th of April the Joplin Association for the Blind hosted a fundraiser, a Spaghetti Red Feed, which was open to the public.

April 27th, another event is to be held at the "Joplin Association for the Bind," assisting Joplin High School with a "Celebration" of sorts, recognizing the "Peer Buddies" - these are general education students who are paired with special needs students to foster positive, supportive relationships that extend past the classroom. This will be a "Carnival" like setting.

Until next time, please take care of yourselves and remember: "A friend in need, is a friend indeed"

Joplin Service Club of the Blind :: March 2016

By Mary Coe

Happy New Year to all, In December of 2015, we welcomed Allen McCoy as a new member. Then in January we welcomed three more new members, Georgia Taylor and Van & Elfreida Greenwood.

The Club had once again decided to adopt a family for Christmas, so we invited them to come to our Christmas luncheon, hosted by the Joplin Association for the Blind. At this luncheon the single mom and her daughter, (who is blind), joined us, at which time we presented them with the gift!
Our support groups still meet on a monthly basis, sharing different topics of discussion each time.

Until next time, remember, "tomorrow is never promised, so love and appreciate the people who are in your life." –livelifehappy

Joplin Service Club of the Blind :: December 2015

By Mary Coe

Fall greetings to one and all! Since the beginning of this year, our club has lost 7 members to death – Joe Verhaar, Sandy Goettel, Raydean Moore, Gloria Beagle, Carly Smith, Penny Elam and Pat Hackworth. They are missed, but will be in our hearts forever!

We recently welcomed four new members – Marvin Haase, Billie Haase, Jane Olson and her attendant, Jessica Zaccarello.

A total of nine club members and two guests from Joplin attended the 59th annual Missouri Council of the Blind convention. Our thanks to the host club for a wonderful convention!

Our club honored White Cane Safety Day with a walk at Joplin’s North Park Mall on October 15. Mayor Pro Tem, Morris Glaze, presented a proclamation to the Service Club proclaiming October 15 as White Cane Safety Day. The local TV stations were present for the event.

A big thanks to one of our members, Jim Murray, who has been using Apple TV for the purpose of bringing information and training to our club at our weekly luncheons and monthly support groups.

The Joplin Association for the Blind’s Annual Chili/Soup Fundraiser was held on November 12. A silent auction was held, along with sales of pecans and walnuts.

We hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Joplin Service Club of the Blind :: June 2012

By Cindy Smart

Hello again to all of you from all of the Joplin Service Club! It is almost the middle of spring already! Somehow though, I think we got to skip most of winter.

On February 11, some of us went to the Joplin Little Theater for a live performance called “Let’s Swing”. It was all 40’s music. I think we were pretty surprised at how many of those songs we remembered.

On the 29th of February, we were able to go to Springfield for the grand opening of the MCB Thrift Store. We were very impressed! Good job, all of you who have had a part in making this thrift store successful!

We have had three very enjoyable monthly dinners. We had one cooked by a local church, and another meal cooked by a sorority.

In March, our terrific cook, Tom Fortson, prepared corned beef and cabbage. Some of the women from the Service Club made a green Jell-O dessert to go with that delicious St. Patrick’s Day dinner. We always have some sort of entertainment to go with those dinners.

For our February dinner, we had a brother and sister who have participated in, and won many violin contests at the state level. When she wins first place, he always gets second, and vice versa. They are children, and I keep thinking that if they are this good now, what are they going to sound like when they are grown?

For the St. Patrick’s Day dinner, we had a well-known local singer, Duke Mason, perform for us. He did mostly country and gospel music. Everyone thoroughly enjoys the times he comes to entertain us. When the sorority cooked for us, two women played the piano and sang for us. One of them also played the oboe. What a beautiful instrument that is!

Our Affiliate was deeply saddened by the death of Leo Giger from the Springfield Service Club. He was a long time member of MCB, and his love for the organization was very apparent! Donna, you and all your loved ones are in our prayers!

We have had a lot of our members with health issues. Some of them have been in the hospital. Since there were so many this time, and I don’t want to leave anyone out, I will just ask for your continued prayers! We constantly keep all of your Affiliates in our prayers.

Take care for now. I will have more to report in September. Blessings!

From the Joplin Service Club :: December 2011

By Cindy Smart

We hope you all are enjoying the nice fall weather. Our Affiliate is staying quite busy.

Along with selling candy bars for a fund raiser, we have now added beef jerky, and some really cool pins. Linda Russell came up with a terrific design for a club shirt, and even though we only had two weeks before Convention by the time we made our decision, her friend from Omaha Nebraska managed to get them all done so we would have them in time. I have often accused Linda Russell of being a witch, a very good witch, of course!

But it seems as though all she has to do is wiggle her nose just as Samantha did on Bewitched, and the things get provided or taken care of somehow. Quite appropriate for Halloween, don’t you think? No, really, Linda works very hard for us, and we appreciate her very much! If I don’t get the next article in, you’ll know after my comment, she wiggled her nose and I just disappeared! Smiles!

Quite a few of us went to Bolivar to help Lake Stockton celebrate their 25th anniversary. We thoroughly enjoyed it. As usual, Lake Stockton group, you did a wonderful job! Five of us went to September camp. This was the first time for Janice Jackson and Joe and Sue Verhaar, and they loved it! Some of us were accused of wanting to play Pass the Trash 24/7! Imagine that!

We have had 3 monthly Thursday night functions hosted by different local churches. They provided great food and very enjoyable entertainment.

A few of us helped Susan Sanderson and the MCB Board prepare for the Convention. Linda Russell worked especially hard getting door prizes and some great stuff for the gift bags. Janice Jackson was busy also, contacting people and lining up some things for the youth.

Thanks so much to the volunteer drivers and to the Joplin Association for providing their bus for people to get to restaurants. Way to go, Susan, and all the others involved in the hard work of putting together the Convention! It was great!

On October 25th, for our Halloween party, we had food brought in from one of our favorite barbecue places. The goblins were all well fed!

We are very sad to report that we lost one of our members on the 25th of August. Fran Morris passed away of complications from cancer. She and her daughter were very active in our club. They were so much fun on the trips we took.

One of our members, Helen Hopper, fell and broke her leg. She is with family, and is recovering. Also, as a result of a fall, our member James Moore has a broken hip. He, too, is recovering.

I have nothing more for this time, but I will look forward to writing again next February. All of us wish all of you a blessed and happy Holiday season!

Joplin Service Club :: September 2011

By Al Ashton

Of course everyone knows of the indescribable awful tornado that hit Joplin May 21st. Our long time members Harold and Alice Poiry's home was completely destroyed. Harold had built the house in 1954. Both Harold and Alice were shopping at the 15th Street Wal-mart when the tornado struck. The store was destroyed also. They received cuts and bruises and were trapped under rubble for a short time before being rescued. Their car was also destroyed in the parking lot. Our member C. J. Campbell's home was destroyed and C. J. was trapped in his house for a short time before being rescued. Ron Brauner received minor cuts on his head and was trapped in the Wal-Mart rubble for a short time and also lost his car in the parking lot. We would like very much to thank the Pony Express Club for their generous gift to our club. It was forwarded to Harold, Alice and C. J. I am sure it could not have come at a better time. We thank the Lord that they are O. K. Now, on a lighter note. I had one of those spooky experiences sometime back with a friend of who was blind. He was all alone family wise and lived in a nursing home. God love him. Some of us from the church were having Bible class studies on Tuesday evenings at one of the dear lady's home. After the study we would have cookies and milk and fellowship and that sort of thing. Now I would always go to the nursing home and pick-up Paul and bring him to the Bible study as he just loved being there and getting to go somewhere, bless his heart. Now that night at the meeting we studied about demons and evil spirits as they are discussed in the Bible. It was quite an extensive study and when it was over, Cookies and milk and all that, it was time to take Paul back home. It was after dark. Spooky!! Anyway we got in the car and proceeded on our way. We hadn't gotten too far when Paul who can’t see jumped and turned to me as white as a sheet and said AL, who's in here? I said no one Paul but you and me. He said very definitely, there is too and it just brushed against the back of my head!! Now that part about "it" got my attention. Paul there's no one else in here. Paul, "there is too." He says I want out and I say Paul I can't let you out here in the dark. By now I'm looking in the back seat and everywhere for boogies or something evil jumping the curb, running down the sidewalk dodging fire hydrants, mailboxes, etc. looking for boogies or something evil. Never did see one. Finally, I got Paul home and he said I got to go the bathroom. I helped him get inside and asked a nurse to help him and told him you're on your own now. Get'im boogie. I went back to the study group to get my wife. I made her go to the car first!! She's kind of spooky herself anyway!! 'til next time laugh a lot and have a good Labor Day holiday.

Joplin Service Club :: June 2011

By Cindy Smart

Greetings to all of you from the Joplin Service Club of the Blind.

We at the Joplin Service Club are quite excited about the warmer weather, and many of us are looking forward to taking some trips, maybe to Branson, and wherever else we can find to land.

We had a pretty quiet January, mostly because of weather, although we did manage to squeeze in a couple of Tuesday lunches.

Our president Sandy Goettel keeps things pretty exciting for us, by dividing us into teams and playing Trivial Pursuit.

I keep hoping that someday, that game will help me live up to my last name of Smart, but it hasn’t happened yet!

Sometimes, Sandy even has us playing kazoos. We’re mighty proud of our kazoo band! If we can stop laughing, we all hum our favorite songs through them.

At other times, we just go around the room and talk about our favorite memory, or other favorite things. We all feel as though we know each other better after that.

One week a month, part of us play pass the trash, while others of us prefer playing bingo.

In February, we were blessed to have a local church provide us a buffet dinner and some entertainment in the form of southern gospel music.

We have several great volunteers who come every week to help serve lunch. We also have a fantastic cook named Tom Fortson.

In March, we were able to change things around, and provide a Tuesday lunch for them.

We purchased it from a barbecue place, and everyone was well pleased, and of course, very full!

Also in keeping up with St. Patrick’s Day tradition, the postman, Wayne, who delivers mail for the Joplin Association cooked corned beef and cabbage for us.

Sandy and Ken Goettel also invited their postman and his family to eat with us. That day we all shared our favorite postman memories.

In April, the Joplin Association for the Blind had their annual spaghetti red feed.

Several of us from the Service Club were there helping, and we had a great crowd.

The Service Club also sold $75 in candy bars.

We thought that was pretty good considering everyone gets so full from the spaghetti red and all the desserts.

We now have 68 members, 24 who are sighted, and 44 who are blind. Seven of our members are in their nineties.

On April 19th, we honored them with a party, and we had an Elvis impersonator for entertainment. He was a big hit, especially with the women! I believe they all felt young again. They got free certificates for a month for our Tuesday lunches. We feel so very blessed to have these people in our Affiliate!

At the end of April, the Delta Gamma Sorority cooked dinner for us, and we had a high school choir provide us with some fantastic jazz music.

One of our members, Robert Harwell, whom some of you know from June camp, has been having some problems with his heart. He has received a pacemaker, and is doing somewhat better. He and his beautiful wife Nancy have been married over sixty years, and she says she’s doing better now, too. Robert is in a nursing home for now, but we hope he will be home soon.

We were all saddened to hear about the passing of Rosario Mazella from the Queen City Council of the Blind in Springfield.

Our prayers are with all of you.

That is all I have for this time, but I will be anxious to write more in August.

Best wishes to everyone!

Joplin Service Club for the Blind :: March 2011

By Cindy Smart

Greetings to all from the Joplin Service Club of the Blind! Happy New Year to everyone! We hope this will be a blessed one for all of you! We are finally back to normal after all the Holiday festivities. We are glad to be back together again.

A few of our members have encountered some major health issues since my last article. I am happy to report that Jim Murray just received a liver transplant, and is now recovering quite nicely. Sue Verhaar had major back surgery right before Christmas. Some of you remember Joe and Sue Verhaar from camp last September. They are not only members, but also much appreciated volunteers. Terri Shellenbarger’s husband Randy had a light stroke, and is recovering at home.

Terri is a member of our Affiliate, but also works hard in the Association office. Whenever any of us call over there with our own concerns, she immediately goes into her listening mode, and tells us she will put us on her prayer list. So, now, Terri, Randy, and all the others with concerns are on ours. Everyone, just keep those prayers coming, and we will do the same for all of you.

On November 10, the Joplin Association for the Blind had one of their fundraisers, a chili and soup feed. The turnout was great! A few of our club members came to spend the day, and we sold some of our candy and beef jerky. Our Affiliate had fantastic Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners provided by local church groups. For our Thanksgiving dinner, a local band came to entertain us with ‘50’s music. Wow, were they ever a hit! We were dancing, and having a blast! For all I know, some of them enjoyed it so much; they might have even been dancing on the tables! Joe Verhaar likes to try to dance with every woman in the room! For the Christmas dinner, the church group that cooked for us, brought some members of their choir, and we all sang Christmas carols. For our Christmas project, we helped a couple of local families who have blind children and who were having some financial struggles.

This last business meeting, we started planning some future outings, and we sure hope to be able to make it to the MCB Thrift Store’s grand opening. That is all I have to report for this time, but will be looking forward to the next article. Just think, that will be right in the middle of spring! I can’t wait!

Joplin Service Club of the Blind :: March 2010

By Bill Boyd, President

Greetings To All,

We hope that all of you are enjoying the New Year, despite the winter weather.

Our group attended the US Airforce Band concert at Memorial Hall back in Nov., and everyone really enjoyed it.

We had our Annual Thanksgiving Dinner hosted by the Telephone Pioneers, and following the meal entertainment was provided by two amazingly talented 9 & 10 year old violinists.  They are brother and sister and have won many awards for their talents.

The Association held their Annual Chili & Soup Fundraiser in Nov. and had very successful results.  Many of the Service Club members do volunteer duties to help with this event.

We were able to enjoy the Annual Christmas Dinner and entertainment, hosted by St. Mary's Catholic Church; then it was time to break for the Holidays for the next 2 weeks.  Little did we know that it would turn out to be 4 weeks break, due to the weather!  Everyone was so eager to get back together again by the time the ice and snow melted.  As I am writing this we are expecting ice and snow again.

We have recently "Welcomed" as new members, Gloria Beagle, Wynonia Hinds, Helen Hopper, and Jim Murray.

Until next time,

Bill Boyd

Joplin Service Club of the Blind :: September 2009

By Bill Boyd, President

Hello Everyone,

It has been a routine quarter for our Club, Tuesday lunches, evening dinners and support groups, with a lot of fun and fellowship.

We are pleased to say that we recently added some new members to our Club.  they are Homer Huddleston and Flo Young; also, Jim Murray applied as a member at large and was accepted.

The Association for the Blind had damage to the facility in May, as a lady that was involved in an accident at the corner hit the gas and came right into the Low Vision office and waiting area.  We are Thankful that this happened after hours and Terri was not at her desk and there was no one in the waiting area, or the outcome could have been much worse.  The lady ended up with a broken foot, but other than that there were no injuries.  The repairs to the building are now completed.

We had a group of 22 that attended summer camp, and everyone had a Great time, as always.  To our knowledge no one from our group was kicked out, (although there may have been some close calls)!  This might be an indication as to how much "Fun" our group has!

Shirley Ritter has been doing therapy for some time now, she is progressing and is able to walk a short distance unassisted.  Go Girl, keep up the good work!

We had looked forward to the White Cane Walk in May, and due to the storms that passed through prior to that, we decided not to make the trip.  We had some disappointed people, especially Mary Lou Reeves, who always works so hard to raise funds for this worthy cause, $ 325.00 to be exact.   Thank You, Mary Lou!!!

The Annual United Way "Day of Caring" was held in June and the volunteers from local businesses came and played a game of Beeper Ball with the children, and a picnic lunch was served.  This is always a fun event.

Plans are now being made to attend the Auction & Picnic hosted by the Lake Stockton Club.  By the time you read this the "Fun" will have been had, and we will be looking forward to next years event.  Our club always enjoys this event.

We are also making plans for the Convention in October and that will be here before you know it.

Hope all is well with you and yours, Bill Boyd

Joplin Service Club :: June 2009

by Bill Boyd

Greetings to Everyone,

These past few months have just flown by, and here it is time to get in touch with what has been happening here.
 We have been blessed with several new members since last report.  In February we welcomed Lee & Isabel Mendoza, & Barbara Fischer, and in March Jeanne Jones & Alma Bell.  In January we welcomed Tony Moore, Mary Phillips, & Cletus Fischer, (these did not get in last Chronicle).

George Markham has resigned as the board representative (due to his health) and Cindy Smart has been elected to serve in his place.  Cindy also represented our Club at Legislative Days.

Our February dinner was hosted by the Christ's Community United Methodist Church.  entertainment was also provided.

In March, around St. Patrick's Day, the Beta Sigma Phi Sorority hosted our dinner and served the traditional Corned Beef, Cabbage & potatoes, and entertainment was again provided.

At one of our luncheons in March we had Franklin Johnson as our guest for lunch, and then he made a presentation on Technology and also the changes that are taking place at Wolfner Library.   Everyone really enjoyed having him visit.  Thanks Again, Franklin!

Brian Dorman, an evening news anchor from our local TV station, Channel 12, (ABC) came and ate lunch with us, and visited numerous members just so he could get acquainted with everyone.

The April dinner was hosted by the Delta Gamma Sorority, and entertainment was provided.

On April 21st. we received word that Valva York had passed away.  We are saddened by the loss & will truly miss her.

Lynn Moody, who had been in a nursing facility for some time, has once again been able to attend our luncheons and just celebrated her 96th birthday with us!

The club members are now making plans to attend the June session of camp, & also to attend the White Cane Walk, in Springfield in May.

Cindy Smart recently spoke to a group of Girl Scout's at a Badge Workshop on Communicating.  Cindy read to them from a Braille book, demonstrated several items, and answered many questions.  Thank You, Cindy!

Have a blessed Spring and Summer

Joplin Service Club :: December 2008

By Bill Boyd

Greetings from Joplin,
The Service Club continues to enjoy weekly lunches and activities.  We are so fortunate to have a volunteer cook, Tom Fortson, who is so dedicated to preparing such wonderful meals each week.  Thank You, Tom!!
In September we had "Elvis" come to entertain us again at one of our Tuesday lunches.  Everyone really enjoyed him so much they wanted him to come again.
We have several members who, due to illness, have not been able to come for awhile to our lunches.  Valva York has not been feeling well for quite sometime, and Helen Green had to have a stint put in her heart, and is still not up to par yet.  May Wright is still in the nursing home but doing better.  We hope and pray that by next report they will all be back with us.
Our August monthly evening dinner was hosted by First United Methodist Church, they cooked hamburgers and brats out on the grill, with all of the trimmings.  The entertainment was provided by Freddy Marcos, a blind high school student who played many tunes on his keyboard.  Freddy plans to go to college on a music scholarship.  We wish Freddy the best at whatever he does!
Our Sept. dinner was hosted by St. Paul's United Methodist Church.  For our entertainment they brought the "Bell Choir" from their church, and, oh, what a treat that was!
Calvin Churchwell, who is a certified Orientation & Mobility instructor, and works with the blind children in various school districts, also provides various activities for the kids. In Sept. they went to the local Harley Davidson Store, and members took the kids on cycle rides.  They really look forward to this every year.  He provides a Beeper Easter Egg hunt in the Spring for the children.  This summer some of the kids attended a summer camp at Camp Barnabas for a week.  We really appreciate Calvin for investing his time and energies so the children can experience life, as others do who are not blind.
Our new President is Sandy Goettel, and Bill Boyd is our new Vice-Pres.
We had a great time at the Convention this year.  It was really great to see all of you again!  We felt especially blessed to get to see Sophie Straine, one of our past members, who now lives in St. Ann, Mo.  Sophie, it was wonderful to see you again!
Until next time,
Bill Boyd

Joplin Service Club :: September 2008

By Bill Boyd and Stephanie Mann

Please forgive our absence in last quarter’s chronicle.  Talk about time flying, last deadline flew right past us.

We continue to hold our regular Tuesday lunches and social activities.  We have been averaging approximately 40 at each of these meetings.

We are still holding our monthly Support Group meetings.  They have been very beneficial to those persons who are struggling with recent loss of sight.

In May we had a group that attended the White Cane Walk in Springfield and Mary Lou Reeves won 1st Place for collecting $212.00 for the Missouri Lion’s Eye Research Foundation.  Mary Lou, we are proud of you!! Way to go!!

Also in May our monthly dinner was hosted by the Delta Gamma Sorority and entertainment was provided.

In June we had a big group (16 to be exact) who went to camp this year.  They really had a great time!!  Our group really appreciates those in charge of the camp activities.  They do a marvelous job of planning.

Our monthly dinner in June was hosted by Foxberry Terrace, an assisted living facility, and they hired “Elvis” to come and entertain.  Everyone said he made them feel young again.

We are sad to report that recently Naomi Miller and Helen Walkinshaw passed away.  They both will really be missed.

The July Monthly dinner was hosted by the First Presbyterian Church and our own Bruce Phillips entertained.  Everyone had an enjoyable evening.

Bill Boyd had a mini stroke after returning home from camp.  He is doing much better now and is back with us on Tuesday’s for lunch.

At our June meeting we welcomed two new members, John Conrow, and Penny Elam.

We’ll clip the wings of “Father Time” so the next deadline doesn’t fly past us again.  Till next time!

Joplin Service Club of the Blind :: March 2008

Well, it is that time again, and another quarter has slipped by us. It has been a fairly active time for the Joplin Club.

In October, in addition to the MCB Convention, we held regular Tuesday lunches, and the monthly dinner was hosted by the St. Peter's Catholic Women, with a night of great food, fellowship and entertainment. A gentleman by the name of Jim Oberzan, a performer for 75 years played the accordion with music selections, spanning a wide range from the Big Band era to today's Golden Oldies.

In November, our Annual Thanksgiving Dinner was hosted by the Telephone Pioneers, a group that has been doing this event for many, many years. The table settings were beautiful, the food was great, and so was the entertainment that was provided by Bruce Phillips a member of the Service Club.

For those of you that have not heard, Ted Jeffers, the MCB "Nathaniel Johnson" award winner, has had to undergo triple bypass surgery, on November 1st. He came through the surgery fine, and is recouping and doing his rehab.

Robert and Nancy Harwell had their 60th Wedding Anniversary on November 27th, and had a Celebration Party, on Sunday December 2nd. I had told them that if I got married, I would be 126 years old when I celebrated mine. Congratulations Robert & Nancy!

Just 2 weeks before Christmas, brought a week without power around this area, due to a horrific Ice Storm. We had to cancel one of our Tuesday lunch meetings, and the host for the Annual Christmas Dinner had to cancel also. We did get back together the Tuesday before Christmas and had a party with Santa paying us a visit. The Club had voted to take up donations of food and money to give to the Salvation Army, and the Club would match the funds collected, so we were able to give them $566.00. We also collected funds for a family from Neosho, Mo. who has a child with Vision problems, and gave them a $500.00 Visa Card, to use for Christmas. The Old Saying of "It is better to Give than to Receive" is definitely True. Thanks, everyone!

We have started the Support Group meetings again, and Carl Powers with RSB is the facilitator and Cindy Smart has assisted him. Carl has demonstrated some devices, shown how to track your cash, ways to mark items such as clothing. He has also covered topics such as developing a support team, and learning how to accept changes in our lifestyle, and the types of residences available to us.

The Service Club would like to "Thank You" for the Compliments that you have given our Club and the Association for hosting the Annual MCB Convention, here in Joplin, Mo. It was "Our Pleasure" to host it and "Everyone" made us proud to have you here.

Joplin Service Club of the Blind :: December 2007

By Shirley Ritter, President

Greetings From Joplin,

The Joplin Service Club has participated in several activities in the passed few months.

One of the highlights was the Picnic and Auction hosted by the Lake Stockton Club in August. Our group has always enjoyed this event, and the food and fellowship is always the best. To our Friends from Lake Stockton we send our Thanks!

We have a wonderful Volunteer cook, the Infamous "Tom Fortson", who provides us a meal each and every Tuesday at noon, hear at the Center so that we can have our weekly social gatherings. If he is unable to be there then he calls his back up, the "Infamous Virgil McCoy”. We want to Thank these men and All of the individuals who volunteer to help out at the Center on our behalf !

Our August monthly dinner night was hosted by a group from the First United Methodist Church, they cooked Brats and Burgers out on the grill, (what a treat), and provided entertainment.

The September Dinner was hosted by St. Paul's United Methodist Church group, and a group of Dulcimer Players entertained.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome" Pam Lanham, as a new member of our Club she was voted in, in September.

The Stained Glass Theatre held a performance of "The Miracle Worker", a production about Helen Keller, and several of our members attended and really enjoyed it.

Our October monthly dinner was hosted by the St. Peter's Catholic Church, and entertainment was provided.

One of our longtime, dedicated Service Club members, Sophie Straine, recently moved to St. Ann, Mo. She moved to be closer to her son and his family. We wish her the very Best, and want her to know she is greatly missed by everyone!!

We would bet that you could guess what our group spent countless hours working on. Yes, the MCB Convention! Well, that time came and has since passed and we did survive it all! A "special thanks" to those who gave us direction, in what to do, and what not to do, which made things flow smoother.

Thanks, to Everyone who helped us in anyway!

We want the MCB members around the state to know that it was "Our Pleasure" to Host the Convention in Joplin for such a Wonderful group of people. Those of you that attended made us proud to be associated with such a great organization.

We would like to leave you with something to think about:

There is so much bad in the best of us, and so much good in the worst of us, it does not behoove the most of us, to be talking about the rest of us.

Until we meet again,
Your Friends from the JSCB